Mourne Wall Walk

The Mourne Wall Walk is a strenuous challenge event organised by Life Adventure Co. The route passes over many of Northern Ireland's highest peaks and follows the 31.4 km- (19.5 mile-) long Mourne Wall - a dry stone wall which defines the catchment area of the Silent Valley reservoirs in the Mourne Mountains of County Down. This event also has a category for runners.

Up until 1983, the Mourne Wall Walk was organised by the Youth Hostel Association of Northern Ireland. Between 1983 and 2013, there was no organised event, although small groups would have undertaken the challenge independently. In 2013, the organised event was revived.

It is worth noting that most sources incorrectly state that the Mourne Wall  is 35 km (22 miles) long - this mistake is most likely to have arisen from Mourne Wall Walk descriptions which included approach and exit routes in their overall length.

Next occurrence:  TBC

Last occurrence:  Sun 1st Sep 2013 [2014 event cancelled]


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