Planning a Walking Holiday in Ireland


 Planning a Walking
Holiday in Ireland

Ireland offers an abundance of walking opportunities and is an ideal activity holiday destination for recreational walkers of all abilities. Whether you're a local in need of a weekend break or a visitor from overseas planning a multi-week outdoor adventure, the pointers below will help you make the most of your Irish walking holiday.

Buy a walking guidebook

There is a good selection of Irish walking guidebooks available in bookshops, outdoor stores and from online retailers. Some of these guidebooks focus on specific walking regions while others provide all-Ireland coverage.

  Recommended Irish Walking Guidebooks

Hire a local walking guide

While the services offered by a walking guide is considerably more expensive than buying a guidebook, hiring one of these local experts is probably the best way to gain a thorough understanding of your chosen holiday destination.

  Irish Guided Walk Providers

Attend a walking festival

Walking festivals are a great low-cost way to explore the Irish countryside under the guidance of local walk leaders. These events, usually hosted by walking clubs and communities, offer a variety of walks and social activities.

Irish Walking Festivals

Irish Walking Events Calendar

Bring the right gear

Pack everything you need so you can deal with whatever weather Ireland throws at you during your holiday. It is advisable to always be prepared for rain when walking in Ireland.

Clothing & Equipment

Consider Transport Options

Ireland's cities and towns are generally well connected by regular bus and train services. In the countryside, however, a car is usually the best mode of transport.

Rent a car in Ireland

 Public Transport Links

Find Accommodation

Make the most of your walking days by staying close to where you'll be walking. This will reduce the amount of travel needed to get to your walk start point, and also allows you to get some valuable local knowledge from the accommodation provider.

Accommodation Providers

Prepare yourself

Find out some background information about walking in Ireland.

Knowledge & Skills

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