The purpose of the International Physical Activity Questionnaires (IPAQ) is to provide a set of well-developed instruments that can be used internationally to obtain comparable estimates of physical activity. There are two versions of the questionnaire. The short version is suitable for use in national and regional surveillance systems and the long version provide more detailed information often required in research work or for evaluation purposes.


The public health burden of a sedentary lifestyle has been recognized globally, but until recently, the prevalence and impact of the problem has not been studied in a uniform and systematic fashion. The questionnaire is the most feasible instrument for measuring physical activity in large groups or populations. However, many of the existing instruments are not comparable in the type of activities surveyed (i.e., leisure-time activities only) and format for data collection.

In response to the global demand for comparable and valid measures of physical activity within and between countries, IPAQ was developed for surveillance activities and to guide policy development related to health-enhancing physical activity across various life domains.