Dear colleague,

Welcome to the website for the International Physical Activity Questionnaire. Here you will find information about the use of the questionnaire and links to the questionnaire itself, in multiple languages.

This physical activity questionnaire is publicly available, it is open access, and no permissions are required to use it. So we encourage any researchers to use it where it will be an appropriate measure of physical activity, particularly in large population studies or in the context of physical activity surveillance for which this measure was designed.

Regarding Scoring of the IPAQ: Over the past 10-15 years, we have had many requests that have asked for support with the IPAQ algorithm or scoring protocol, and other methodological issues. For many years, a group of four or five of us that initially developed and tested the IPAQ measure have responded to all these enquiries, but the volume of them has continued to increase in recent years. Most of the requests come from students or graduates doing pieces of research using the IPAQ, and where students are able to ask a local senior researcher for help, particularly one with physical activity experience or a local biostatistician, they usually find that the scoring problems can be resolved.

After many hundreds of such enquiries we have decided that we have served the IPAQ measure and its development well, but that we no longer can provide the individual support to answer all these queries, and we would prefer to refer students to their local statisticians and physical activity experts. We are happy to collaborate in IPAQ projects that answer innovative and population-focused research questions, but it is difficult for us to continue to provide an un-funded advisory service.

It’s not that we don’t want to help, it’s just that we don’t have the time to answer each of these requests individually in the detail that they require. We think that the IPAQ measureprotocols are reasonably straight forward and most researchers manage to use them, but if you have continuing problems, please consult your local research experts.

We hope that IPAQ is a useful measure for you, and one that meets your needs,

Yours sincerely,

The IPAQ group