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Words are all I have to convey the worlds inside of me...

They are too few and too little for the job, but I guess I will not live in the age when minds are directly connected and you and me can become one, even if it's just for a split second.

Being that as it is, words will have to do. Although, I do know from the start, that I will never be able to tell the essential, that, at most, you will only be able to guess my true vision of Existence.


There are many ways to attempt to comprehend reality. In my case I attempt not to dismiss anything as unimportant, I care about everything inside and out, from thoughts and feelings to machines and organic bodies. My ambition is to get the big picture where everything would be connected. To see the whole. But I'm not sure if such a picture exists or is possible, but that is what I intend to grasp. I assume that the best way to understand a part of the universe, such as me, is to understand the whole and how I fit in. In that way I could know where I come from, where I'm heading to, what is my part in the Cosmic play. On the other hand, perhaps none of the roles I play in space and time can tell who or what I really am. In any case, these texts are, in great part, an attempt to reach that big picture where me and you and everything that surrounds us, get their proper place as part of the biggest story of all: the story of ourselves in the midst of everything else.

But I'm not sure that it is through pictures, comprehension or understanding that we get to dispel our doubts and illusions about what we are. Perhaps it is through a live of love or meditation, or perhaps something entirely different like lucid dreaming. I'm not really sure, but what I search for, my bet, is clarity, that is, the end of all obstacles between the I/Eye and the exterior.

The Dragon is the unreal creature that is able to fly through reality but so distant (because it lives in a world of dreams) that it cannot be stopped by anything, in some ways he is an ideal observer, although his shadow sometimes interferes with the material world.

Bastian and Fuchur, Auryn and the Water of Life,
Illustration of Michael Ende's: The Neverending Story,
by Roswitha Quadflieg

My journey through the mysteries of the Cosmos takes me through three different dimensions, spatial, temporal and meaning. Regarding the spatial dimension much is said on many sites, from atoms and proteins, to galaxies and "dark energy", there is lots of information around. Regarding the time scale, specially regarding biological beings, we appear to be messed around in lots of confusions, probably to the our superstitions regarding the special place of man in the history of life in our planet. so I'll try to give my different view on this subject. Then there is the question of the "meaning" of it all, regarding this last aspect I don't think there is much that I read that makes complete sense to me, so I'll give my opinion on that too.

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