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52 PLACES TO GO IN 2017 -

There are thousands of getaways to explore this year. Here are some ideas to get you started.

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What does Donald Trump’s victory mean for the world?

Nov 9th 2016, The Economist BY J.F.  - Article

America’s new president - The Trump era

His victory threatens old certainties about America and its role in the world. What will take their place?

Nov 12th 2016 | From the print edition of The Economist - Article


All Nobel Prizes - from 1901 to 2016

36 Hours in Trinidad - Article

Compared with its Caribbean neighbors, Trinidad gets few tourists except during its vibrant February carnival. This means that this tiny melting pot of a country — which shares nationhood with neighboring Tobago, and has a rich Indian-Creole-African-Chinese-British heritage — feels welcoming and authentic. Skyscrapers don’t exist; instead there are captivating gingerbread-style houses with fanciful latticework. The local cuisine, which reflects its hodgepodge of cultures, is intriguing and delicious but not fancy: The best meals are eaten on the street and at cafeteria-style counters, not in high-end restaurants, which tend to be Europeanized. Spend Friday in the capital, Port of Spain, then use Saturday for excursions north to the beach and south to explore the calm waterways and wild birds of the Caroni Swamp.

Palm trees line the beach at Maracas Bay. Credit Meridith Kohut for The New York Times

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Yalta (1945) - The New Yalta (2017)

Donald Trump's inauguration by Ilana Yahav

Concerned about the future of the planet? Watch this video




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