Why We Are Insurrectionaries

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Why we are Insurrectionary Anarchists...

  • Because we consider it possible to contribute to the development of struggles that are appearing spontaneously everywhere, turning them into mass insurrections - that is to say actual revolutions.
  • Because we want to destroy the capitalist order of the world which is useful to nobody but the managers of class domination.
  • Because we are for the immediate, destructive attack against the structures, individuals and organisations of capital, state and all forms of oppression.
  • Because we constructively criticise all those who are in situations of compromise with power in their belief that the revolutionary struggle is impossible at the present time.
  • Because rather than wait, we have decided to proceed to action, even if the time is not ripe.
  • Because we want to put an end to this state of affairs right away, rather than wait until conditions make its transformation possible.
  • These are some of the reasons why we are anarchists, revolutionaries and insurrectionists.

by Alfredo Bonanno.