The Manny Calavera
Grim Fandango

Grim Fandango was a one-of-a-kind game.  Lucasarts pulled out all the stops to make a funky, witty, mystery about the afterlife.  If your parents neglected you by not letting you have this game, sue them now.  If that's not an option, make this Coconut Tres Leches daiquiri and relax on a hot day.

  • 2 oz. Crystal Rum (Old New Orleans is our baby)
  • 2 oz. Tres Leches Liqueur
  • 1/2 C. Coconut cream
  • Ice
  • Chocolate Syrup

 Pour the ice, rum, coconut cream, and tres leches liqueur into your blender.  Blend that sucker until it's nice and creamy (or your blender dies, like Cormac's cheap piece of crap)

While blending, paint your face into the hurricane glass.  We let Dr. Girlfriend do this part since she's the only one of us with any artistic talent.
Carefully pour the daiquiri into the hurricane glass so as not to smudge the chocolate.
What were we Thinking!:  The Manny is based on a couple things.  First, the daiquiri and other frozen drinks are popular south of the border (with the tourists, yes, but shut up).  The tres Leches and coconut flavors also represent the Mexican/Dia De Los Muertos theme of Grim Fandango.  If you can't find Tres Leches liqueur in your area, we mourn your loss.  A cream liqueur like Bailey's or Ryan's will do in a pinch.  Oh, and don't let the rest of that syrup go to waste.  The chocolate variation is worth fighting over (we did).  Some different ideas we might suggest- Sweetened Condensed Milk in lieu of the coconut cream, and adding cinnamon while blending. 

"As a rule, I never touch anything more sophisticated and delicate than myself."
-Manny Calavera, Grim Fandango

Mom's Old Fashioned Robot Oil

  • 12 oz. Dark Beer (We recommend Guinness, but used Xingu because it looked cool)
  • 1 oz. Jagermeister
Pour dark beer into a (clean, for God's sake) tin can. 

Pour a shot of Jager, and dunk it into the can. 

Chug your drink and feel the chemical energy.  Now, Do the Bender!

Bender: I'm trying to watch my input. I need plenty of wholesome nutritious alcohol. The chemical energy keeps my fuel cells charged.
Fry: What are the cigars for?
Bender: They make me look cool.

What were we thinking!: Well, what would Bender drink?  (WWBD?) We wanted to recreate a dark sinister-looking drink that would fit into a regular can.  Dark beer was chosen over dark rum or cola because it has a black consistency that works with the oil vibe.  We decided to apply the tried and true Jager-bomb approach, since it has a lot of the same characteristics we mentioned earlier.  Hey! No complaints!  Cormac's original notes said "Can of jager" and that's it.

The Atomic Cocktail
Fallout: New Vegas
  • Lemon, sliced in half
  • 2 oz. Ginger Liqueur
  • 12 oz. Strong Ginger Beer (not Ginger Ale, you puss)
Squeeze lemon juice into a large glass or mug.  Pour ginger liqueur and ginger beer.
If you want to add color, add the squeezed lemon.

Note: We made our own ginger liqueur for this cocktail because we like it strong (also, we are cheap bastards).  Check out our section on home-made liqueur if you can't find ginger flavored in your area.  This drink should be made with strong ginger beer.  Insatiable Geek recommends Goya and Cock 'n Bull.  If you're really daring, there is a ginger beer made in Alabama called Buffalo Rock. 

What were we Thinking!: In Fallout, the Atomic Cocktail is this neon yellow/green glowing drink with a lot of pep (and radiation).  It reduces your need for sleep and makes you resistant to fire.  I.G. created a potent neon yellow concoction that will wake your sorry ass up in no time.  We decided against the radiation.

The Poison Ivy

Batman Series
  • 2 oz. crystal Rum (We like Old New Orleans)
  • 6-8 Mint leaves (with some reserved for garnish)
  • Kiwi (reserve one slice for garnish)
  • 1 Teaspoon Granulated Sugar
  • Soda Water
  • Ice
Finely chop your mint leaves and 2 slices of kiwi and set in your glass. 
Add the sugar and muddle (bar talk for crush and grind, baby) the ingredients until the sugar is dissolved and the kiwi is smashed up. 
Add the rum and ice,
and top with soda water. 

Garnish with mint and kiwi.

What were we thinking!: Poison Ivy is a very seductive character in the Batman Universe (Batverse?).  We wanted to create a sexy drink.  Our Poison Ivy is a play on the classic Mojito.  The initial test drink using actual poison ivy did not work out as planned, so we stuck with the mint leaves. We wanted to add a touch more green to the drink.  While Midori, Green Apple Pucker, and Green Creme de Menthe are standard green colorings, the flavors were too strong to retain that refreshing Mojito flavor (also, Cormac already had too many Firewhiskeys, and he didn't want to get off the couch and fetch us some Midori).  We decided on kiwi as the unusual addition.  While we did not get to try this variation, we recommend switching the kiwi with cucumber.  If anyone tries it, send us a picture and give us your thoughts. 

The Bear Grylls
Discovery Channel
  • 12 oz. Natty Light
  • Specimen Jar
Pour that Natty in a jar and serve to your favorite outdoorsy buddy.  They won't be able to taste a difference.  For a realistic effect, serve warm.

What were we thinking!: We at I.G. love the idea of messing with people.  We also hate cheap, boring beer (we pride ourselves on our lack of normalcy).  So why not combine the two?  We are also hoping this will be a final toast to the meme.  My God,  just looking at that picture makes me queas
y... I mean, Natty Light.


Harry Potter Series
  • 2 oz. Vanilla Whiskey
  • 1/2 oz. Cinnamon schnapps
  • 1 Tablespoon 151-proof Rum
In a rocks glass, pour the whiskey and schnapps, and layer the rum on top of the whiskey.  Incindio! 
Don't consume too many of these, or you might end up sprawled out on your living room floor wondering who put the confundus charm on you. 

What were we thinking!: The idea behind this simple drink started with a trip to the Harry Potter amusement park in Orlando Studios Islands of Adventure.  We loved the Butterbeer, but nobody had any F****ing Firewhiskey!  None!  So we fabricated our own.  The vanilla whiskey has a nice smooth flavor to it, while the schnapps adds a little fiery kick.  The 151 float is the perfect addition. Savor this drink.