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Welcome Back to The Inner Rail!
Good Day from the Staff at TIR.  Sad announcement - Because the [real world] takes ahold, TIR is going to have to be cut back for a few months to one issue a month. *teartear* TIR staff members would like to mention that if this summer does slow up  there will be a  possiblity of TIR kicking back to two issues a month.  As a side note TIR is taking applications for writers. If interested, well, there is no requirements. Just contact Ed- Babyt, Editor in Chief.


There’s a very good reason that the 7 year old mare Aurora is Riddley Walker Racing’s favorite horse--just have a look in the stable’s trophy cabinet.

When you stroll into the offices of Riddley Walker Racing  located at Lower Melbourne Racecourse, you’ll see an array of league trophies from nearly every class the stable has competed in, but what really strikes your eye are the three Open Cup championships won in consecutive seasons by the stable owner’s favorite mare..continued on stable spotlight.

The Curious Case of Carlosa Lodge

Horse Pictures, Images and Photos

Carlosa Tells all, and then some, actually he tells a little bit to much, BUT thats alright. [hopefully] On topic, Mr. C tells us about his stable, and what he thinks about TK. ...Player Spotlight






TIR is hosting a 1 day race card set in the OFF SEASON to help with off season costs. Sponsored by the players, for the players. THE RIDERS BLOCK