CityView- An India Real Estate perspective

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This India CityView report aims to

Provide an in-depth independent and unbiased overview of the real estate scenario at Urban Agglomeration level based on inputs from


Primary sources like developers, banks and financial institutions, brokers


Secondary sources like information and research base available at CRISIL Research including forecasts on macro-economic performance, performance of more than 45 industries, performance of key companies, databases such as NCAER, NSSO, Census etc.

Provide validated consistent information across parameters that influence real estate activity like


Infrastructure developments in the city


Residential Demand, Supply, prices, drivers, key characteristics


Commercial Supply, prices, drivers and key characteristics


Retail supply (malls) proposed,


A schematic locational dispersion on the map


Table of Contents

Further Research

M1 – M4

Approach and Comments

L1 – L4
  • Pune
K1 – K40
  • Nagpur
  • J1 – J30
  • Mumbai
  • I1 – I49
  • Kolkata
  • H1 – H38
  • Jaipur
  • G1 – G31
  • Hyderabad
  • F1 – F39
  • Delhi
  • E1 – E40
  • Chennai
  • D1 – D42
  • Chandigarh
  • C1 – C39
  • Bangalore
  • B1 – B45
  • Summary
  • A1 – A12

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