Coding Is A Cinch With Finch

Welcome to the Impatient Coder's Introduction to Finch with Snap!
To save streaming time, each video is linked rather than inserted here.

Lesson 1:  Watch Plugging in  a Finch  and make the Finch move! Get help from anyone in the room.

Lesson 2:  Watch Finch Movement and have your finch ready to go to play tag with someone else.  

Lesson 3: Watch Finch Saving Files and save the finch scripts you've created so far.

Lesson 4: Watch Finch Color and Sound and create a dance that it at least 3 minutes long.

Lesson 5: Watch Finch Light Sensing and have the Finch do something fun when the light changes

No More Lessons!  You are on your own.  HAVE FUN!

Things to try in no particular order
  • Figure out touch sensing
  • Play tag, or soccer or make up your own game.
  • Dance with a partner, or dance in a line.
  • Tape a non-permanent marker to the finch's tail.  Tape a large sheet of paper to floor or table, and use the finch to draw a picture using your move commands.
  • Program a finch script to make a drawing, perhaps based on sensors.
  • Figure out something interesting to do with temperature. 

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