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Training Alliances

Thanks Vanerin and everyone else for sharing this link :)  <3 you all.

What are training alliances?

Training alliances are alliances that focus primarily on helping new players(whom have been given the label newb). These alliances have leaders that will help answer questions and teach new players how to play. Besides advice, players will also receive help in the form of resources to help your cities grow. Most training alliances have graduation requirements so that players can go off and explore the game. Some training alliances are sister alliances for larger alliances and use them to recruit new members. Other training alliances aren't affiliated with anyone but just train. This page will show both types of training alliances and also a few alliances that I think stand out.


Fluffy's Top Training Alliance Picks


Training Alliances

Alliance Name:
Free Defense Union [FDU]
People to contact: JCD64, Siro
Info about alliance: Sister alliance to the Illy Training Ground [ITG] and Shrap's Mem. Academy [SMA] The Free Defense Union is an alliance of mutual trade and defense. We welcome new players who want to start playing the game without being bullied by the more established players. We also offer to help learn how to play the game. New players feel free to use this alliance as a stepping stone to move to other alliances that may more closely match your playing style. We require our members to not start attacks against other players. We do not shelter aggressors and will deny membership to those deemed as such.
Entrance requirements: None
Graduation conditions: None

Alliance Name:
Illy Training Ground [ITG]
Person to contact: Marquesta, Thanatia, Cookies
Info about alliance: Sister alliance to the Free Defense Union [FDU] and Shrap's Mem. Academy [SMA] All the players who wish to join FDU, ITG or SMA should not be aggressive towards another player.
Entrance requirements: None
Graduation conditions: None

Alliance Name: Shrap's Mem. Academy [SMA]
People to contact: The Mariner, Danathan
Info about alliance: Sister alliance to the Free Defense Union [FDU] and Illy Training Ground [ITG]
Welcome to the Academy. (a tribute to the great Shrapnel - defender of the weak in Illy - who moved on to the Great Adventure beyond but left a lucky few with great memories and the rest of us with a noble philosophy) We are a group of peaceful training alliances and we have a stringent policy of being non-aggresive towards other players.
Entrance requirements: None
Graduation conditions: None

Alliance Name:
Toothless [T?]
Person to contact: LadyLuvs
Info about alliance: We are a temporary peaceful alliance formed to help those who are new to the game. Not only do we train members in the nuances of the game, we support them with resources and materials .We require that our members be active and building. Members are not allowed to attack any active player.
Entrance requirements: None
Graduation conditions: Our members are free to leave and join any alliance when they feel comfortable with the game or must graduate when they are between 3rd or 4th city.

Sister Training Alliances

Alliance Name:
Eagles First Flight [~FF~]
People to contact: Belle of the Vale, Caconafyx
Sister alliance to Eagles Eyrie [EE]
Info about alliance:
Eagles First Flight [~FF~] is the gateway to the Eagles Eyrie [EE]. Here we will train you in the basics of the game, in everything from city management to combat training. Once you are ready to fly the nest you will be promoted in to one of the most active alliances in Illyriad.
For established players we will give you insight to the unique culture of EE ahead of progression to Eagles Eyrie.
Entrance requirements: None
Graduation conditions: Usually 3 towns, but dependant on individual circumstances

Alliance Name : ~Knights Temperance~ [~KT~]
People to contact: Think, Rider of The Nine, Eddard Targaryen
Sister alliance to:
~Knights Virtue~ [~KV~]
Info about alliance: As a training alliance of Knights Virtue, we offer a much broader community than your average alliance. With over 100 members combined, we work to mutually grow and enjoy our gaming experience together
Entrance Reqs:
Graduation: Player decision, Individual Circumstance

Alliance Name: Pathway to Aesir [PATH]
Sister Alliance to: Æsir [Sir]
Person to contact:
Info about alliance: A gateway Alliance for players who wish to learn, grow, and train in the Worlds of Illyriad. Following a guided path, members will prepare for entry into one of the top Alliances in all of Illyriad...The Aesir. Come join us for this fun and rewarding adventure!
Entrance requirements: None
Graduation conditions: None

Alliance Name:
Skull's Training Pit [BSHx]
Sister Alliance to: Black Skull Horde [BSH]
People to contact: Skull'Fed, Mundo, Gurgash, Bonaparta
Info about alliance: This is training alliance for Black Skull Horde. Orc only. Located in Mal Motsha.
Entry requirements: Ready to relocate in Mal Motsha, Orc
Graduation conditions:
1. At least level 15 Consulate, Mage tower, and library;
2. Complete all research on market place;
3. Level 20 Barracks in main town.
4. Have min of 2000 troops
5. Specialize your cities in one troop type
6. Work on getting higher in global ranking

Alliance Name: TOR-University [TOR-U]
Sister alliance to: The Old Republic [TOR]
People to contact: Gnorfum or Greyland
Info about alliance: Sister alliance of TOR University is The Old Republic [TOR], the only truly democratic alliance in Illyriad. Members get access to a training program that will help them to manage and specialise their cities and provides some activities and fun. At the same time you will get an idea of how the TOR political system works.
Entrance requirements: You should be interested in TOR but you can chose to leave TOR and TOR University whenever you desire.
Graduation conditions: You must rise to a Patrician, pilus prior Centurion, Frumentarii or Mage, according to your specialisation.

Alliance Name: True Tranquility [peac3]
Sister Alliance to: The Mask Of Truth [TMOT]
People to contact: Iamforever, Karnilla, john farmer
Info about alliance: True Tranquility (peac3) is a peaceful alliance who welcomes new players of the game to join and have a safe place to grow and get advice. It is the sister alliance of The Mask Of Truth (TMOT) and offers it's members resources and a friendly atmosphere, and prefer our recruits be peaceful as well. We are non-aggressive, therefore do not allow our members to engage in hostile actions towards other players in Illy without consent of it's leaders. If you have been attacked by any of our members, whether by military or diplomats, please contact our leaders with the report and it will be addressed immediately.
Entrance requirements: None
Graduation conditions: None

Alliance Name:
Wolves Den [WoD]
Sister Alliance to: Curse of the Wolves [Curse]
Person to contact: Enigma
Info about alliance: Welcome new players of Illyriad. If you are thinking about joining an alliance please join us at WoD. From here you can learn the game, meet new players and eventually move on to the Curse of the Wolves alliance fully trained and ready for what the game has to offer.
*Note we will accept players from any location but for easy reference follows a list of locations for Curse main clusters :

Meilla (main cluster), Perrigor, Mal Motsha, Lan Larosh
Entrance requirements: None
Graduation conditions: None