Q & A

Resource Harvesting

Q.  Is it OK to harvest from a square that has been soved by a player?
A.  It depends on the player that owns the sov.  Some don't care but others say that since they claimed it that the resources are theirs.  The safest bet is to ask the player if they mind if you harvest from their squares.

Town Location
Q.  Why are there so few cities on tiles with 7 iron plots and an iron sovereignty bonus given that iron is so valuable?
A.  Even though iron is valuable, 5 iron plots is enough in most cases to supply a city and have extra.  5 resource plots provides over 12,000 resources - and that's not including the % increase buildings. 

Q.  Would it be wise to attempt to recreate xbloodxpoolx's strategy and place all newer cities in adjacent squares?
A.  It depends on your plans for playing.  Placing your towns around each other makes defense much easier, but then you limit yourself on the plot types you are settling on and then also makes claiming sov more expensive. 

Q.  I have noticed older more developed cities right on top of each other.  For someone who is large enough to move their capital city and then consider soveriengty what would be considered a reasonable distance between cities being established? 
A.  You should give each town a radius of at least 3 squares to claim sov on.  But most cities will probable be farther apart than that as good town locations are usually spread out over an area.

Q.  Whats the best location for each races' capital to founded upon?
A.  I suggest teleporting your capital to a mountain for maximum defense.  As your capital is stuck with the 5 farm plots, it makes the most sense to get the most out of the terrain for defense. 

Q. My capital city has set number of farms, clay pits etc. Are the number of resource fields in second and on towns determined by the numbers on the square where you decide to build them?
A.  When you settle a town, the town gets the plots that are assigned to that square type.  All squares have a max of 25 resource plots and you have to pick a square that isn't of the dolmen type as you can only have a max of 7 of each resource.  There's a list of most of the squares and their resource distribution under the Plot Types page.

Settlers, Exodus, and Teleportation
Q.  Is the 5 food plot limit for the capital void, now that exodus exists?
A.  Yep!  But it can be costly to move depending on how large your capital is.  Its up to the player to decide if getting 2 extra food plots is worth it.

Q. What are settlers? Why are they so expensive?
A.  Settlers are required to settle towns after your first one.  You need as many settlers as you have towns to settle your next town.  So 1 for your 2nd, 2 for your 3rd, and so on.  In the grand scheme of things, they aren't too expensive as you only need to train 45 over the course of many months to get to 10 cities.

Q. Should i relocate my city before i build my second city to find a good spot/region ?
A.  You should relocate your first town when you are ready to build your second.  Waiting until then will allow you to learn about what you are looking for in a location and then make sure you have found the spot you want to relocate too.  Its a good idea to look for an area and map out where you'll teleport your capital to and also where you are going to settle your next town. 

Good Production
Q.  Should I try to keep the advanced resource production going as much as possible or just when I know I will need things?
A.  Assuming that the basic resource income is balanced, consistent and sufficient for other building projects, you should be producing the advanced goods as you can.  You can use what you need and then get extra gold income by selling what you don't use. 

Q.  So many new buildings are out or coming out... any you think maybe a waste of time to have for any race?
A.  It depends on your strategy and what you want to accomplish.  Each building has a use depending on your goals for playing.  None are a waste if you use them in a way that helps your empire.

Q.  Why does the vault protect so little of your resources? Even 2 advanced resources per level is quite harsh. Most players are just gonna remove it to create one of the new buildings being bought into the game.
A.  Well it has been updated to hold 10 goods a level now which for a new player is handy to have.  But like all buildings, the vault can serve its purpose until it needs to be replaced with a more advanced building.

Q.  I've managed to get my diplomatic contacts to level 2, although I don't know how, but my trade contacts is still level 1. How do i upgrade these?
A.  You don't upgrade them.  Trade contacts are the lvl 1 quests and diplomatic contacts are the lvl 2 quests.  Eventually there will be different types of higher level quests.

Seasons and the Moon
Q. Do the seasons and lunar phases follow the real world calendar?
A.  Yep!

Q. In your opinion what 3 things make a good training alliance?
A.  Hmm, narrowing it down to 3, I would say there needs to be knowledgeable people to answer questions and teach, large enough people to help deliver resources to help the trainees grow, and there should be a clear goal to strive for for players to graduate and move on.

Q. Is there a difference between the combat modifiers of small hill/mountain/forest and large hill/mountain/forest plot types?
A.  I have not personally found out how the modifiers are, but I would assume that larger means larger modifiers.  (If you find otherwise, let me know)

Q.  Do plot types like forested hilltop combine combat modifiers of both hill/mountain and forest, are they just large forest?
A.  The plot types have modifiers based off the of base plot type.  The base plot type is shown under the plot type when you scroll over a square on the map.  For the forested hilltop, its just a large forest.

Q.  As a new player with limited gold, what sort of troops should I build for my first army?  And what type of unit should I assign as the commander?
A.  I don't suggest that new players start an army until they are able to support their town growth consistently even after they raise their tax rate.  At that point, they could start training T1 spears and bows to practice with.  I would make one of the bows into a commander as they can be useful later when defending against attacking bows - shouldn't have the problem of being attacked by spears. :P

Q.  While making an army I'm told "T1 for Defense and T2 for Offense", My question would be why not T2 for defense too, their defense stats are way better. Is this a cost benefit thing or am i missing something?
A.  It really depends on your race and town set up.  There's a lot of variables that go into what units you should train - training time(affected by sov), attack and defensive totals(affected by the new T2 buildings), cost of the goods(affected by market trading).  I have a spreadsheet that helps show the different troops and what you can get for a certain upkeep in your town. 

Q.  Why have separate divisions in an army when any order given applies to the army as a whole? Or is the point to be able to have multiple commanders in the battle with all their bonuses contributing to the same attack? In that case are the bonuses additive or compounded?
A.  Its good to have multiple commanders in armies.  Each commander offers extra attack and defense to the army in its personal stats and its divisional bonuses.  The more commanders, the more  attack and defense you have.  Oh, and they are added, you can see the totals on your military overview page.

Q. Which resources can be Raided (raid) with cavalry units and which can be plundered by normal attack?
A.  Both attacks and raids can take the 5 basic resources,

Blockades & Sieges
Q. what is the difference between sieges, raids and other kinds of hostile actions?  and, given that we all work hard at our cities and we like them, what does it take to lose a city
A.  An attack a on city where your attackers hit the defenders and then leave with resources if they win.  Raids are attacks but with 1/3 the troops involved in attacking.  Blockades are described in the question below.  Sieges are the only way that you can lose a city.  When a siege is set up on a town, the siege has to knock the pop down to 1/4 the original pop.  At that point, the attacker can either take the town as his own if able or to raze it to the ground.

Q. How does a blockade work?
A.  A blockade is set up like a siege, but instead of sending your army to siege the town, your troops get set up outside the town and will try to intercept any incoming and outgoing caravans.  Any captured caravans will then travel to your town and drop off the contents there.

Q. When you are attacking a city that is on a hill or mountain and putting it under siege, does the fact that the defenders city is on a mountain give them an advantage?
A.  Definitely!  However, the square that matters a lot is the square that your siege sets up on.  The only time the players city comes into play is when you get the pop down and are storming the city.  When you storm the city, its like a regular attack, and mountains are hard to attack after all.

Q.  My question is in regards to Messengers. How are they used in the game? Do they change orders or something?
A.  At the moment, messengers are only used to recall caravans and troops occupying squares.  Who knows how their roles will change down the road once more options become available.

Hostile Diplomatic Attacks
Q. Being somewhat new to Illy, what is the best way to defend myself against hostile neighbors who keep stealing my gold and resources?  How can I find out who is doing this to me?
A.  The best thing to do is to research runes and put up a seeking rune against thieves.  Another thing to do is to train thieves of your own.  The more thieves you have, the better chance that you'll catch the perpetrator.  That, and researching interrogation helps too :)

Q. Do you really need to buy thieves to defend your village or is a vault enough? What other uses do thieves have that would make them worth buying.
A.  Thieves are important.  The vault can't protect everything and thieves give you a better chance of capturing the thieves and identifying the player.  You can also use thieves to thieve other towns, especially inactive ones to get free resources and goods.

Other Questions
Q.  Is there any way that the sages can tell us how to best kill a troll so as they don't respawn? Water worked on the wicked witch of the east....how bout with trolls?
A.  That depends on the troll.  Some require cooking alive, but others just need to be left to die on their own.  If all else fails, try counting to 10 and then spin around twice, yell the troll's name, and then punch the air. 

Q.  Do you think muskrats have a future in Illyriad?
A.  Well, not that I know of, however, I have heard that beavers may be introduced to help build dams across rivers, so who knows, maybe muskrats will be introduced as well?