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Get our new 6 song 7" EP "Get It"! 
There are 4 different covers for this release! All Purple Vinyl! 

Get It EP / Mixed Purple Wax!
Regular Edition 
Comes with MP3 Download Card! 

Get It!

Regular Edition $5.00

Get It EP
Extremely limited European Creeper Cover printed on clear plastic. Please email about availability! Mixed Purple Wax!

Get It EP / Mixed Purple Wax!
Limited Edition US Peek-a-Boo Cover!  
Comes with Shimmery MP3 Download Card! 

Limited "Get It"  Peek-a-Boo Edition $6.00

I Kill Me EP 
3 song one sided 7"! 


Get It EP / Mixed Purple Wax!
Limited European Pissed Kitty Cover! 
Comes with MP3 Download Card!

Limited "Get It" Pissed Kitty Edition $7.00


 T-Shirts are here! In Grape Soda and Black!