iCandy xChange
iCandy xChange, currently a online/mobile store, began in June 2012 by Kanetha R. Smith-Ward. Mrs. Ward is a Southeast Texas native that currently resides in Tyler, Texas. With my constant obsession with fashion since I was a young teenage girl, I felt limited because there was seldom opportunity to express my style. We had very few stores to shop from and often had to travel hours to shop for school and special events. I am wanting to change this with iCandy xChange by first, offering inexpensive trends to Southeast Texas area either by online purchase or mobile as we make our monthly visits to the area to allow our customers to try on and feel pieces before purchasing: then secondly, including the area in my foundation to launching a personal iCandy clothing line in the future.

I am dedicated and destined for greatness and I will work hard until iCandy xChange is not only an entity but a house hold name.

~Signed & Sealed~
Kanetha R. Smith-Ward
~Jasper, Tx native~