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arc: submission guidelines

Submissions are invited, from now until August 1, 2019, from citizens of Israel (regardless of residence) and residents of Israel (regardless of citizenship), for the 27th issue of arc, the literary journal of the Israel Association of Writers in English (IAWE). Submissions must be in English, but may be translations from other languages if proper permission has been received. The IAWE assumes non-exclusive rights to publish and republish the accepted submissions in any form. Further important details are in this note from the editor, Ed Codish, written on May 1 (in the Hebrew month of Nisan):

Dear Fellow Writers Worth Reading,

I am honored to be the editor of arc 27.

arc is a publication of the Israel Association of Writers in English. The previous 26 issues have been worth reading. Published since the 1970s, arc figures among the longest lived of literary journals.

The suggested theme of the issue is time.

The first commandment by God to Moses is to set the calendar, with Nisan 1 as the first day of the first month. We, a stiff-necked bunch of non-conformists, choose Tishrei 1 for most purposes, and the Mishna offers other possibilities. But Nisan, the month of spring, is an obvious place to begin a literary year unless we are writing about the recently visualized ‘black hole.’ It may be that time cannot escape from a ‘black hole.’ What might that mean?

I would be delighted to receive poems, stories, novel chapters and plays, all of a reasonable (use your own judgement before subjecting your work to mine) size. Presuming submissions will be written using a computer, it would be helpful to include a Header reading “For arc 27” plus your name, and a Footer indicating “page X of Y.” If you are submitting multiple poems for consideration, please submit them as a single document. Allowing six months for editing, designing and printing, I would like to see all submissions by August 1, 2019. Letters of acceptance will be sent as soon as possible after submission. Rarely, the editor may make suggestions for changes and resubmission.

Already this May afternoon, shadows have lengthened and a few birds, cheeping wearily, are calling it a day.

Please submit to:

The only entry in Subject should be arc 27

Or, if you have no access to email (captive on a Somali pirate craft, trapped deep underground in a lead mine), you may smuggle out  manuscript and mail it to:

Ed Codish
POB 190
Pardesiya 4281500
(For arc 27)

Payment is one copy of arc 27 and a discount on further copies.

Membership in the IAWE is not required for submission or publication.

The IAWE retains no exclusive rights after publication, but arc 27 should be mentioned in any republication.