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arc 16 extracts

  Arc 16: Café Poetry

Edited by Lois Michal Unger
Cover design by Allan Moon

A complete printed copy of Arc 16: Café Poetry is available for US$15 or 50 shekels from the IAWE, P.O. Box 39385, 61393 Tel Aviv, Israel.

Online poems and stories:

Karen Alkalay-Gut — “Mint,” “Old Lovers,” “Spite Poems,” “Suitcase,” “What will happen...

Elazar — “Sonnet 4,” “Sonnet 32,” “Sonnet 86,” “[Sonnet/Novel] 11

Rifkah Goldberg — “Meeting the Children

Ronnie Kadish — “Which One

Jean Kadmon — “Holy City Vignette,” “Out of Dark,” “An Update,” “Wish of a Backpacker

Hefzibah Koren — “Because You Said So,” “Post-Zionist Reality

Orit Kruglanski — “A Poem for Dr. Pares,” “Things : You

Lami — “Did We?

David Margolis — “Building Our People: Opening Day,” “An Obsession with Women,” “Wallace Stevens in the Catskills

Rochelle Mass — “Home Is Where You Go,” “I Should Have Gone to China,” “Love in Ludlow,” “Paying My Respects

Gabriel Reisner — “Faces of Sex,” “Reconstructing a Lost Poem

Sue Tourkin-Komet — “(Not Yet) Washed Out / and / (Not Yet) Washed Up

Lois Michal Unger — “Sleepless In,” “Sleepless In...,” “Tomatie Red,” “Untitled

Chaya Wittkin — “Shabbat Tu B’Av in Hebron