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Karen Alkalay-Gut

Layers, by Karen Alkalay-Gut  So Far, So Good
In My Skin The Love of Clothes and Nakedness High Maintenance
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“Karen Alkalay Gut is a lovely poet, with a voice which is lyrical even when most direct. Her entry into old stories is continually surprising, and usually infused with her own emotional history. I found her sense of displacement particularly moving.” — Elaine Feinstein

Published by Simple Conundrum Press, 2012. 

95 pages

ISBN 978-965-77600-00-9

Available in print and for Kindle from Amazon.

Shomrei Neurei שומרי נעורי

“I was greatly moved by her profound book.  Alkalay-Gut presents authentic close-ups from her life.  Familiar scenes, which we all share in one variation or another.  A talk with the rabbi about Darwin, an argument with Mother, a virtual/realistic conversation with old people ‘at the front’ (facing death) as the speaker is visiting them at the home for the aged.” — Ronen Shapira

Translations by Daffi Kudish.  Published by Keshev.

So Far, So Good

“The man falling from a eighty story building is asked how he's doing as he passes the fortieth floor: ‘So Far, So Good.’ This is the response of this book to history, politics, ageing, and change. Many of her poems in her works present themselves as dots on a chart, drawing the changing picture of a life, but So Far, So Good registers even more than before the urgency, passion, and hunger that accompanies the drawing of this chart.” — Hillary Keren

Published by Sivan and Boulevard Books.

In My Skin

“This is a book of poetry about being Jewish, and living in Israel. “Karen Alkalay-Gut’s work is never less than a carnival of her (and our) multiple selves. She is funny, tragic, sensual, powerful, poignant, sharply intelligent, and above all, alive.” — Alicia Ostriker

Published by Sivan.

The Love of Clothes and Nakedness

“This is a book of poems about shopping, dressing and undressing. How come nobody thought about it before? It’s all here, the love of clothes and the love of nakedness, clothes that remember, clothes wishing to forget, clothes looking forward and looking east. This is the journey around women’s clothes in 80 pages.” — Moshe Benarroch

Published by Sivan.

High Maintenance

“We grow. We age. We look back to the times that were and forward to times yet to come. This collection of poetry is a dialogue between those paradoxes, giving life and energy to moments of quiet reflection. With her own personal journey into middle age, the poet takes us into a world where the process of aging can become an exciting discovery of its own.” — Neamh Press

Published by Neamh Press.