Shaun Dee The Hypno Hick
The Fastest Hypnotist In The West

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   Imagine... Having a Fun, Family Friendly, Stage Hypnosis Show by
One of the
  Most Entertaining Hypnotists NOW Performing,
Look No Further!

~ The FASTEST Hypnotist In The West ~
Hypno Hicks Family Friendly, Comedy hypnosis show will leave you in
Amazement and make you laugh till your Boots Fall Off.
An Event you will talk about for years.

Hypno Hick has been providing

Comedy Hypnosis shows to Schools, Private Parties,
Corporations and Fairs
several years.

For Your Next Event

E-mail ~ hypnohick@hotmail.com

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Hypnosis can assist with...
Weight Loss
Stop Smoking
Stress Reduction
Sports Performance
Much Much More.
Shaun has worked with
  • Gymnasts
  • Wrestlers
  • Bodybuilders
  • Softball players
  • Basketball teams
  • etc.

Parties ~ Fairs

Hypnosis Shows
or Auctions

April 12
Price, Utah

April 24
UVU Auction
6 pm

May 3
Copper Hills H.S.

May 22
Heber, Utah 6pm

June 1
Billings Montana
3 High school
grad parties

June 6
Muray High
grad party

June 7
Portland Oregon
Grad party


May 16
certified hypnotist
training begins

May 23
Weight Control

June 13
Self hypnosis Class

check back for upcoming