Help Wanted

Want to earn drachmas? Get a job! Just contact the contact info provided!
(Current jobs: Tent counselor, shopkeeper, cop, scout, inventor, news reporter: olympus news, news reporter: ask shirley, news reporter: around the camp, news reporter: world news, news editor, news manager, and news assistant)
(Also, get a job at Lily's site)
A FEW IMPORTANT NOTES (read before you choose):
  1. You can hire your own assistants, etc.! Just email Kiandra the title, salary, description, and requirements! (their salary comes out of your own pocket, so choose wisely! Salaries can be as low as 1d per 3 monthes, or whatever, too!)
  2. There is a form on the bottom of the page, and its easiest to use that to apply for a job.
  3. You can have several jobs, if you like! In fact, you can have like, ten, as long as there are still a couple of jobs left!
  4. If a job has a *, that means there is an unlimited amount of spaces available for that job!
  • Salary: Earn 1 drachma per month plus 5 drachmas per attended meeting plus one item from your tent's treasure chest!
  • Contact: Your tent (no email provided)
  • To apply: Register as  a candidate and have your tent vote!
  • Description: Attend meetings to represent your tent! Lead the tent!
  • Requirements: Must have a tent and must be voted on
  • Salary: 3 drachmas per week
  • Contact: Kiandra (
  • Description: You will be in charge of the club store. Keep track of who wants to sell what and who wants to buy what! Update the page and don't be slow!
  • Requirements: Be on often enough to handle requests and purchases. If someone wants to buy or sell something, you must be sure to work on it!
  • Salary: 1 drachma per week plus half of all fines that you brought attention to!
  • Contact: Kiandra (
  • Description: Check all the pages in ALL the sites and look for inappropriate messages, such as profanity or bad photos, etc. Report once a week. Each member fined or banned because YOU caught them will give the site money, half of which goes to you!
  • Requirements: You must not have been reported for inappropriateness and have time to report once a week
  • Salary: 1 drachma per week plus 3 drachmas per new recruit.
  • Contact: Kiandra (
  • Description: Advertise and look for new people to join the Hunt! We need members, after all!
  • Requirements: You must be able to search for members honestly. Also, be sure to report possible recruits so that you get the credit!
  • Salary: 1 drachma per week plus bonuses per invention!
  • Contact: Kiandra (
  • Description: Come up with new gadgets, ideas, etc. for the Hunters! The better the invention, the better the pay!
  • Requirements: A steady imagination and enough knowledge to uphold this job
News Reporter: Olympus News*
Salary: 1 drachma per month plus 5 drachmas per article
  • Contact: Kiandra (
  • Description: Write and report cool articles for our club newspaper! Tell us all about the latest news from Olympus!
  • Requirements: Dig in to the news and find good stuff, and write it down! Don't bring boring stuff!
News Reporter: Around the Camp*
  • Salary: 1 drachma per month, plus 5 drachmas per article
  • Contact: Kiandra
  • Description: Discover great news from the campsite of the Hunters of Artemis! Come up with great storiess and tales!
  • Requirements: Send in fantasticly fascinating stories without offending anyone.
News Reporter: World News*
  • Salary: 1 drachma per month plus 5 drachmas for each article.
  • Contact: Kiandra
  • Description: Write cool stories about what is going on in the REAL World today!
  • Requirements: Dig into the news and find great, juicy stories!
News Reporter: Ask Artemis
  • Salary: 10 drachmas once every two weeks
  • Contact: Kiandra
  • Description: People will be sending in questions for the advice column! Your job is to answer them! (Like Ask Shirley)
  • Requirements: Receive all questions and answer at LEAST one for each newspaper.
Newspaper Editor
  • Salary: 5 drachmas a week!
  • Contact: Kiandra (
  • Description: Before each article for the newspaper is published, we need to make sure there are no mistakes in grammar, spelling, and factual errors! Grab each article and scrub it down! We don't want our readers to think we are bad writers! (gasp)
  • Requirements: Must be good at spelling, grammar, and be able to research facts thouroghly. Must have time to receive all articles and edit them quickly.
Newspaper Manager
  • Salary: 4 drachmas a week
  • Contact: Kiandra (
  • Description: Review each article that is written and decide whether it is good enough to be in the newspaper! Notify both the writer and Kiandra if and article passes or isn't good enough! Make sure there are plenty of articles, but none that bore! Finally, put them in the newspaper unless Kiandra beats you to it
  • Requirements: Must have time to read, decide, notify, and publish any articles you receive soon after you get them
Newspaper Assistant
  • Salary: Varies from 3 to 5 drachmas each week
  • Contact: Kiandra (
  • Description: Manage subscriptions, advertisements, traffic, and help the staff! This is a tricky job because it requires different things. But we can't manage a newspaper without an assistant, can we?
  • Requirements: Be on duty when we need you!