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Enchiladas Verde

I have plenty of Tomatillo sauce left over... Pictures coming soon... hopefully


Da udd'r white meat, mon!


A few months ago, the gods smiled down upon me, and brought to my doorstep a beautiful "new" Weber charcoal grill. Prior to this, I was already on a smoking/grilling everything-in-sight kick, so when this beauty landed in my lap, great things were bound to happen.


I was surfing various food blogs and recipes one day when I came across a recipe for a Jamaican Butterflied Pork Tenderloin. I treated this like I do most recipes, by simply drooling at the pictures and then rushing to the grocery store and kind of making it up as I go. The recipe called for a side of sweet potatoes, wrapped in tin foil and cooked directly in the coals of the grill. Other than that, I pretty much disregarded everything else it said.


Its been some time since I made this, but I'll do my best to recall the process. Fall was just beginning when I found this recipe, so I really wanted to incorporate fall flavors into the dish. I started by coating the pork in a merinade made up of soy sauce, honey, brown sugar, cinnimon, allspice, black pepper, diced onion and a medly of fresh herbs including: Thyme, Sage, Parsley, and I think there was even a little cilantro in there. I threw all of it in a ziploc bag and let marinate for a day or so.


As for the sweet potatoes, those were rubbed with butter, and then rolled in a mixture of sea salt, black pepper, cinnimon, allspice, and brown sugar. Then wrapped tightly in aluminum foil to await their roasting. Oh the anticipation.


The next afternoon, I fired up the grill and slow cooked the butterflied porkloin over medium coals, while the sweet potatoes lay snug below. The smell was amazing. The pork probably would cooked in half the time if not for me constantly removing the lid and shoving my nose in it.


After about 2 hours of cooking, the potatoes were soft (one of them got a little too soft... and burnt... but we wont show you that one.) and the pork was hot and glistening. The food was moved from the grill to the kitchen table, and then promptly to my mowf. The sweet potatoes could've used a little something inside,and I dont think it ended up Jamaican in the least bit, but overall, it was pretty dang good. 
















Getting Started


So I've been wanting to start food blogging again for some time, but until now, haven't had the time or motivation to actually do it. However, I have been taking pictures of final dishes pretty regularly, so I'm going to start this whole thing off by backtracking. My plan is to make a new entry for every, umm... entree that I have pictures for until I get caught up to present day. (also from now on, I'll spell "entry" with two e's just so I can say "Enjoy the entree entree!").