The Human Conduit Project

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Welcome to the District-to-District Human Conduit Google Site
During the summer of 2010--through the Teachers College Urban Education Leaders Program and the NYC DOE Division of Students with Disabilities and English Language Learners--I participated in district-level internship where I was exposed to NYC's extensive knowledge base relating to serving students with special needs and ELLs in inclusive classrooms with high expectations for all teachers and students. During the school year, I work with educators, educational leaders, and students in the Boston Public Schools, and that work will be more powerful if I can make public the knowledge and resources available in the NYC public schools.
This website is intended to showcase the knowledge base in NYC--and around the country--so that those tools, resources, and exemplary practices are available for all teachers in NYC and Boston public schools. The problem of making this knowledge base easily accessible and up-to-date for educators and educational leaders is not unique to Boston; it is a chronic problem in our profession. My hope is that this site may serve as a useful space for educators and leaders in search of the best resources for improving their instruction for every student they serve.