About The Human-Computer

I am a performer under the nickname "The Human-Computer" who specializes in "Mental Math." By calculating equations in my head very quickly, I can perform impressive feats.

The following is my favorite "trick": When presented with any numerical date (including day, month and year), I can determine the precise day of the week on which the date falls. For example, if you tell me that you were born on March 6, 1969, in a matter of less than a second I can identify that you were in fact born on a Thursday. To verify my responses, I carry a small electronic calendar to satisfy skeptics.

A couple words about myself. I was born on March 8, 1962, in Odessa-city on the Black Sea in Ukraine, in the former Soviet Union. From an early age, I felt an interest in math, astronomy, chemistry, physics and other sciences. In 1981 I figured out a way of determining a way of calculating the day of the week on any date (month, day, year). The system was not very easy, but anyway I understood that it was possible to make all those calculations in the head, without using a pen, paper and so on!

A couple of years later I learned how to multiply big numbers in the head.

In May of 1991, I emigrated to Israel. There I wanted in some way to use my talents but was unable to do so.

In August 1991 I decided to do it as a street performer. The very first time I did it in Natania on August 31, 1991. Then I was doing it every Saturday evening for two months. In November I moved to the biggest city of Israel - Tel-Aviv. There I lived for almost one year. In Tel-Aviv, I performed as The Human-Computer on Dizengoff Square, Nakhlat-Benyamin street and mostly in Old Yaffa.

On November 4, 1992, I came to New York City and now live in Brooklyn.

Unfortunately, I didn't find a good place here to work as The Human-Computer. I tried to do it in a couple of locations but unsuccessfully.

In May 2000 I visited my friends in San-Francisco, California. There I was on Fishermans Warf where I saw a lot of street performers. My heart began to "bleed": I wanted to stay next to them and to work as The Human-Computer!

I tried to perform The Human-Computer, as a street performer in several locations in New York City with limited success. Finally, I decided to do it inside my taxi cab. Inside my cab, I have been doing this since August of 2000. You can read about it on 'Taxi' page of this site.