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By definition, a hypnotized person is unable to describe the hypnosis because they are HYPNOTIZED. Humans create humans who die. The coma we all have is invisible to us so our method of killing ourselves and each other is through the deceit aspect of psychological conditioning adaptation. We are born clueless and completely vulnerable to the chaos of human existence both internally (in building our model of psychology) and externally through floods, volcanoes, earthquakes, tornadoes, car accidents, disease; the list is extensive and growing. The Human Coma. Origin of Theatricated Psychicality
aka Pretense.... Fakeness.

Mothers have to be the best actors in keeping the deceit concealed. This ability, like all abilities have evolved over time.  The Human Coma!
All dna life forms are destructively tested and the limits of the human life span are well researched and documented. Yet we have laws against killing others.
So, as a group, the creation of new people to be killed is allowed as an exception to law.  This integrity indiscretion costs everyone their life because it precludes immortality becoming THE mandatory social construct in all cultures.

"Clenched fists = definitely defensive, and probably hostile too." from a website about body language. This gesture is common among young men who share the same coma and act defensive toward "friends of the same sex"!!!

Dna biological evolution has always been based in disposing of its members (death, killing) so humans would have to be deceptive in order to continue such cruel and pointless behavior as is now visible in the human coma.  In the context that love does not kill, then human love must be a total lie!

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