The House Of Eorl

The Event That Everyone's Talking About
The Oscar Winning Score of "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring"
Performed LIVE to Picture
The Radio City Music Hall in New York
9th and 10th October 2009.

3rd February 2009
Update on the lack of updates
Google Pages was supposed to shut shop in December 2008 as Google would be shifting their focus to Google Sites. That had me scrambling to figure out how to transfer the House of Eorl over to Sites. Needless to say, I spent a considerable amount of time trying to figure out how to do so, because unlike Pages, Sites does not allow you to upload HTML files. I spent weeks on blogs and discussion groups to find workarounds (I know!) so as to transfer everything over without having to compromise. To my utter confoundment, Pages hasn't closed down yet, and focusing on the technical aspects has casued me to lose considerable time that might otherwise have been spent more creatively.

Needless to say, work has been progressing rather slowly, but any progress is better than none. The ray of hope is that I found time to step back and look at my work from the perspective of what it represents.. and it seemed as if I was beginning to tread on Doug's feet as far as the narratives stood, and that got me a little flustered. So I went back to the drawing board, and I am glad to say that what I have planned now is better than what I currently have here. The foundations will be the same, but the House of Eorl will be receiving a new thatch of gold. I've been having a great time working in light of this new perspective and I'm waiting for the day I can share it with you all. Till then, what I have here isn't all bad, is it? :o)

17th May 2008
Musical Notions

Over at TORn (, I am guest hosting MISC, a weekly discussion of Memorable, Interesting ScreenCaps, this weekend and the next on behalf of Loresilme. These past few months, I've been occupied with musical notions in the score - those bits of music that have not been officially identified by Shore/Doug, yet in my mind hold significance through their connexion to the narrative. The MISCs are focused on these musical notions. The
Musical Notions are here collected within the Music section.

21st January 2008
Thematic Analysis

You can now listen to sound clips of leitmotifs used in the scores while reading a Thematic Analysis embellished with quotes by Doug Adams.

3rd January 2008

A Sitemap for The House Of Eorl can now be found in the Appendices section.

27th November 2007
Site Launch

Welcome to The House Of Eorl - a tribute to Professor Tolkien, Peter Jackson & Howard Shore.