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Welcome to the home page for the classes of Mr. Darren Cartagena, teacher in the Visual Arts Department at Adolfo Camarillo High School.  

I am very fortunate to be teaching Visual Art, 3D Sculpture & Design, Art Appreciation, and Advanced Placement (A.P) Art History for the 2018/2019 school year.  Throughout this site you will find class information, assignment lists, website project templates, contact information and links to various websites of importance to my classes.

It has been my responsibility, privilege and pleasure to provide my students with a superior educational experience.  I believe I have been successful in this endeavor by sharing my subject area knowledge, experience, giving them as many "real world" connections of what they're doing in our class with what they'll find in the workplace and world outside of school, and with keeping them on task to start, work on, then complete their assignments and projects.  I expect students to work and get necessary knowledge and skills they'll use and need in what is sure to be a very competitive future.    

Since there's always something new around our lively community, I'll do my best to post new and updated information about my classes.  This website will be updated on a regular basis, so please check back here often.   


More information about Adolfo Camarillo High School can be found at official school website: http://www.camarillohigh.us


Our first semester is officially in the record book.  We started our second semester this past Tuesday.  New classes, new students, new adventures and lots-o-stuff to discover in the next four and a half months.  Hopefully, it'll be a positive learning experience for all students.

Art students have been studying the elements and principles of design and basics of art composition, and they will continue this during this second semester.  They have been and will continue learning and practicing these and many other art concepts and techniques with various assignments and projects. These assignments and projects are designed for students to develop basic artistic skills. an understanding of visual communication, and have them reach inside themselves to tap their creativity, imagination, and understanding of the subject matter.  The goal is that after completing this course students will look at the world more closely, make sense of what they see, then plan and act accordingly.

This is what we did last week:

Visual Art: Periods 1, 2, and 6: Students completed introductory assignments on the principles of design. They had a final written exam where they shared their understanding of the elements of design.  During their final period, they completed Project 14, Paper and Masking Tape Shoe and Project 13, Giacometti Human Figure.  Many of these works that will be displayed at Cal State Channel Islands and others at the Oxnard Union High School District office board room for all to view. Throughout the school term, students have been introduced to various assignments and projects to help them develop basic knowledge and understanding of art.

3D Sculpture and Design: Period 4: Students completed assignments on the elements and principles of design and basic construction techniques. They also had a written final exam and completed Project 14, Paper and Masking Tape Shoe and their Project 13, Giacometti Human Figure during their final class meeting. Throughout the school term, students were introduced to various assignments and projects to help them develop knowledge and understanding of 3 dimensional art, basic building and assembly skills, and working with common, lightweight and inexpensive materials using paper, cardboard, tape, plastic, metal wire, aluminum foil, glass, plaster and clay.  Hopefully we were successful in this endeavor.

AP Art History and Art Appreciation: Period 5: Students completed their study of Unit 11 Baroque and Romanticism Art. They are adding to their prior knowledge of the popular and exceptional works of art and architecture, artists, elements and principles of design, and artistic composition, all from an historical perspective. 

Students will use tools and resources like teacher's Powerpoint Presentions, Smarthistory, Khan Academy, our textbook: Gardner's Art Through the Ages, and Marsha's Docs to conduct historical research on 250 works of art.  Students will share their research with weekly presentations and will keep a record of their work from a wide variety of lessons and projects and keep them in a binder, then use all these materials and experiences to prepare for successful completion on the Advanced Placement Art History Exam.  This exam will be on May 14, 2019. 


My Fall 2018/Spring 2019 class schedule:

 Period 1  Room B-4,
 Visual Art
 Period 2  Room C-10  Visual Art
 Period 3  Room C-10  Conference/Prep Period
 Period 4  Room C-10  3D Sculpture and Design
 Period 5  Room C-10  Advanced Placement (A.P.) Art History/Art Appreciation
 Period 6  Room C-10  Visual Art                              

About Me

I was born and raised in the South Bay area (Harbor City, Compton and Gardena) of nearby Los Angeles County, went to Gardena High School, served in the United States Air Force and worked for Marriott and FedEx.  I attended The Defense Language Institute, Florida State University, The University of Texas at Austin, and the California State Universities at Long Beach, Fullerton, and Channel Islands.  

This is my 19th year teaching, having joined the Oxnard Union High School District in 2008.  I hope that I have gained enough understanding of the world and of the subjects I teach so that I can share it with my students to help them with their futures.  It is my desire that they will use all their knowledge, skills and understanding to live successful productive lives and to make our world a better place. 

I am truly blessed in doing the thing I love most, teach, and to do it here at Adolfo Camarillo High School.


Mr. Darren Cartagena, Teacher
Adolfo Camarillo High School
4660 Mission Oaks Boulevard
Camarillo, California 93012
(805) 436-8509
darren.cartagena@ouhsd.k12.ca.us - (School district and official business address)
darren.cartagena@gmail.com - (Students submit work to, and contact this address)

I will continue to add material and update this site as often as possible.  So check in, kick your shoes off, and enjoy your stay in my hotel.