Some fellow musicians and friends

Joe Yates. Sofala NSW. c1980s. Joe was one of the most interesting of musicians recorded by Mark and Chris. He was a player extraordinaire of dance music and a composer of original lyrics and tunes. Mark has transcribed a number of Joe's tunes many of which are complex, interesting and wide ranging in their origins. Photo Mark Rummery


Dick Ferris, from Walcha NSW. 1993. Dick,  photographed here at the Glen Innes Bush Music Festival in 1993, was visited by Chris Sullivan, Barry McDonald and others and had a great time at the festival. Dick had some lovely old dance tunes and played for dances at Walcha on the New England Tableland for many years. Photo Lionel O'Keefe

 Jacko Kevans, 1997. Jacko (!942-2004), here playing his D/G Jeffries concertina, was involved with the Australian folk revival from the early 1960s, influencing many players. He played the piano and button accordions, concertina and fiddle. See Articles Section for Obituary. 

Photo Lionel O'Keefe




Alan McKenzie (L) and Andy Grant(R) Warwick 1985. The late Andy Grant was of German and Scottish descent and lived in Warwick, Qld. He collected thousands of 78rpm records and restored wind up gramophones and musical instruments. He played accordion and concertina and took up the fiddle in his sixties. Andy was generous with his time for many budding bush style players. His father was an accordion player and through him Andy learned to play. His friend Alan McKenzie played accordion and mouth organ, and was a member of the Warwick Mouth Organ band in the 1930s, performing regularly on the local radio station 4WK Warwick. Photo Lionel O'Keefe



Jack Canny, Canberra, 1984. Jack was a fiddle player from County Clare in Ireland, a brother to the renowned fiddler Paddy Canny. During his years in Australia he took up the fiddle again, and his dedication and enthusiasm for Irish music informed and inspired many younger musicians.

Photo Cathy Duffy.




 George Rettke, Killarney, Queensland 1986. Of German descent, George's dance band was highly regarded in the Warwick and Killarney areas straddling  Queensland's south-eastern border. He was visited by Chris and Mark in 1984.

Photo Chris Sullivan



Mark Rummery and Chris Sullivan, Armidale 2006. Mark and Chris working up a few tunes on the G/C button accordions.

Photo Lionel O'Keefe.