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Chris Sullivan & Jacko Kevans

Joe Yates' Skillet Pot

Dooley Chapman

Sally's-A-Comin'  407kb.  Dooley plays a jig on the concertina accompanied by Mark Rummery on piano. 

Charlie Batchelor  

The Queer Fella 587kb. Charlie and The Horton River Band. A favourite schottische of Charlie's from the album, Kind Regards Aust. Folk Masters Series. No.2

Andy Grant.  

The Old Rustic Bridge 773kb. Andy on the anglo-concertina.

Bert Bretz' Polka 406kb. On accordion.

Mary Monaghan

These recordings of Mary are of very poor sound quality. Sorry.

Mrs McLeods 194kb Reel - . Single row accordion.

Early in the Morning 922kb. Polka -  Single row accordion