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Castles in the Air. Ideology, Myth & the Australian Folk Revival. Baalgammon Music and Folklore, Lismore NSW. Chris Sullivan's book, based on his MA Thesis. The ideology, myths and key personal involvements that have shaped the Australian folk music revival. It is a enormously important contribution to folk scholarship in this country.
Chris's work in the field of folk collecting is well known. His leading involvement in unearthing many of the most important figures in traditional music has left an enormous body of source material for the future use of many in the traditional music scene.

In this book is a critical glance back to the beginning of the folk revival, folklore collection, and the representation of collected music. It is a must read for anyone attempting to come to terms with the forces and processes at work shaping the contemporary revival and Australian society.  $50. (Order Form HERE)

Australian Folk Master's - Dooley Chapman - No.1

This is an authentic recording of Australian 'bush music' from the late Dooley Chapman. Dooley played a great collection of dance tunes on the anglo-concertina. He is accompanied by Mark Rummery on a number of items and there are snippets of interviews and Dooley talking and singing. Dooley also toured with The Horton River Band to folk festivals in the 1980s. $30 (Order Form HERE)

Australian Folk Master's - Charlie Batchelor - No.2

Chris has released a remastered CD of the ground-breaking 1984 LP Kind Regards, C Batchelor, including new tunes and dialogue. Solo performances and with The Horton River Band. $30 (Order Form HERE)



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