Articles on traditional players we have known

Charlie Batchelor Article written by Chris Sullivan and Mark Rummery about meeting Charlie and recording and learning his music. Photos and transcription.

Albert "Dooley" Chapman More to come on Dooley.

Andy Grant Article on Andy and his music. Photos and audio.

Mary Monaghan Warwick accordion player recorded in 1987 aged 93 years.

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We intend to introduce others to some of the interesting old time musicians we have met and their music. Though many have passed on, their memory and their music endures. For instance, people such as;

  • Rita Troutman and Ivy Fernando. Accordion players from North-western NSW
  • Joe Yates. Interesting fiddle player with a great repertoire from Sofala NSW.
  • The Archibald Family. Fantastic songs from the New England Tableland