Hello and good morning.

Now you see them, now you don’t.

The Hoodie looks great while working perfectly at covering and protecting my Martin Guitars. I’ve bought four “Hoodies” thus far and I am ready to get a few more.

I currently use The Hoodie covers on guitars hanging on the wall and also while on guitar stands and they fit and work perfectly on either application.

The super soft fabric “couldn’t hurt a fly” but it does a fantastic job of keeping unwanted dust and dirt off of the guitar as well as protecting them from vacuum cleaner handles or other similar and unplanned nudges.

The simple magnetic closure holds the cover in place very well, keeping it on and secure, while blocking the sunlight perfectly.

I’ve attached a few pictures to show The Hoodie covers hanging and doing there job.

I just love these things!

Good luck to Ten 4 Products and “The Hoodie”

Rodney in Florida

My husband's "Hoodie" allows him to protect his guitar from dust while it sits on a stand instead of hidden in a case. I can assure you he practices more now that his guitar is readily available. Customer service is first class - we are repeat customers.

Donna in Alabama
Dear Sirs,
I live in Mazatlan, Mexico which is quite dusty. I'm just a bit lazy and I don't like to mess with taking my guitars in and out of cases so I either have one out getting dusty or don't play as often because all of my guitars are all in cases. I originally ordered one Hoodie and it works great. I own 6 guitars and found that I was only playing the one not in the case and covered with the Hoodie. Simple solution, I bought 5 more Hoodies. Now all of my guitars are ready for instant action! You have a great product that is very reasonably priced.

Thank you!
Lenny Wollitz
Mazatlan, MX

Dear Drew,

Today I received my guitar cover. What an AMAZING product!

I play classical guitar, a very nice high quality instrument, and this kind of cover was something I've been thinking about for quite some time. As far as I know yours is the only one available at this point.

I am very impressed with its overall quality. I've been looking for something like this for quite a while now. The quality of the fabric, the stitching... just great.

You see, my mother --who now lives overseas-- is a very skilled tailor, and growing up around her I learned to appreciate a tailor's job well done. Consequently, I'm very picky, always looking for things that most people miss, like asymmetries, running threads, and really, all kind of subtleties...  

The video clip on your website doesn't do full justice to this innovative product, except to its functionality. I wish people could actually get an idea of the quality of the workmanship that goes in the making of this covers.

The price is fair; nothing compared to the benefits (protection of an expensive instrument).

I wish there was a way for people to leave feedback on this product, other than eBay (because of the character limit they have), maybe on your website...

I won't hesitate to recommend this product!

Thank you,
Andrei Nicu