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09/12/2012 Meridian (Wallingford)

The 'Hood Hunt: Meridian (Wallingford)
Wednesday, September 12th, 6:00pm.

Host: Patrick

Participants: Ardis, John, Macy, John, Marilyn, Angie, Gina, Reed, Shara, Brian, Rebecca, Chris, Olivia, Sage, Lex, Tyler, Steve, Jake, Mike, Lowell, Mic, Kate, Glen + 10 of his friends and family.

Favorite Checkpoint: 12 checkpoints received votes, and it was a tie for first, between the partying dinosaurs on the porch, and the house with a giant arrow!

Social: Elysian Tangletown (N 55th Street & Meridian Ave).

This is is the annual "anniversary" event. This year we're celebrating two years of 'Hood Hunts, two years of marriage (of 'HH founders Gina & Patrick), and 100 years of the 1912 Baist Atlas of Seattle.

Three Different Ways To Play. Pick One!
  1. Print on Paper. Click the download icon (an arrow) below, print a copy of the map and questions, and bring with you to the event. Since this is a free event, it's PYOM (print-your-own-map!)

  2. View on Smartphone. Download or open the file below to view on any smartphone while you explore.

  3. View on GPS-enabled iPhone. If you have an Apple device with a GPS (iPhone and certain iPads), and you have the Maplets app ($2.99), you can download a geo-referenced 'Hood Hunt map to your device and you'll see your exact position indicated within the official 'Hood Hunt map! Welcome to the future! You can either search for the map file within the app, or click on this link on your mobile device and download from there.
No cost, no registration, no official results, no prizes, no complaints!

This is a community-inspired, grassroots project. Want to take your turn and host your own? It's easy! Let Patrick know if you're interested.
Patrick Nuss,
Sep 10, 2012, 12:35 AM
Patrick Nuss,
Sep 10, 2012, 12:35 AM