The 'Hood Hunts are a series of FREE map-based scavenger hunts, held in various neighborhoods in the Seattle area.  This is a grassroots effort, where the participants take turns "hosting" each hunt, so we try to keep these as simple as possible, for both participants and our volunteer hosts.

Here's how it works: Show up at the suggested meeting time and location, and bring a copy of the map & questions (provided on the specific event page). Each neighborhood map covers about a half square mile and contains around twenty checkpoints. Find as many checkpoints as you wish, and return to the finish. Afterward, we'll find a place to hang out and share our routes, stories, and votes for our favorite checkpoint locations.

If you're running late, or have to leave early, no worries. You can participate whenever you can, once the maps are available, generally two or three days before the event. You can even participate long after the event, since we'll keep past event maps on this website.

You can go solo, or with a team of friends and family. You can be as recreational or as competitive as you want (though, for the racers amongst you, there will be no official timing or results, so please time yourself).

Again, this is a community effort, so we want to make these easy for you to attend and host.

'Hood Hunts are:
Simple (no fees, no registration, no official results, no complaints)
Social (we'll hang out and go somewhere afterward)
Shareable (share the maps and invite your friends)
Small (in size, easy to organize)
Safe (busy roads are used as boundaries)