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Product Reviews BF vs. QRF

The 37mm Anti-Tank Gun



This is a model that is produced by two companies that I 

want to work with, QRF and BF. Here I will talk about the 

pro's and cons of using the two different manufactures.

                                                                                                       3.7cm PaK36 in museum


I had VERY HIGH HOPES for QRF figures and wanted to begin the migration to using them for my future purchases. Here is my thinking so far.


I ordered HAT1 German 37mm gun with Hungarian Crew - $6.25

As i live in the United States, I am not able to order directly from QRF. I found a US distributor called Wargames Inc. The first time I tried to order it, they were out of stock so I waited three weeks and ordered again. They will take paypal, but not directly through the website. You are able to email them your order, but the response to email time is around a week if your lucky.

By the way, I am missing crews from two other guns that I ordered in the same box. I emailed Wargames Inc. on March 16th, and I will post when they respond.

First Impressions

As these figs arrived, my first impression was disappointment. Before ordering these, the only experience that I have had with 15mm models at all has been with BF figures. These seemed flimsy and less detailed.


The gun itself has a few casting problems.  I have had to trim down the gun-shield as one side of it didn't get filled in the mold. 



The crew seem very poorly cast, as the two sides of the mold must not have met up very well, there seems to be two distinct sides to one of the figures.  The faces also lack distinction, this may seem harsh for 15mm figs, but i have seen some pretty impressive facial features on figs of this scale. 

Final Conclusions

Perhaps I'm just to used to the products that I have been using.  I was ready to rip these figs a new one in my review upon first inspection.  But while taking the photos, I began to think that with a little paint, they might look OK on the game board.  We'll see as I will put them in the painting queue.

Battle Front

I did not have plans to order a BF 37mm ATG, but seeing the QRF one, I think I will use a BF gun and crew. I will put it on the page when it comes in.