The Honved

My Puskàs Szàzad

 Well, it's been nine long months finishing my Hungarian Puskàs Szàzad.  Here is the company in it's entirety.  What follows is a breakdown and close-ups of the company.





Now let's look at a few closeups.


The HQ stands.

Company Command Pàncèlvadàsz Rifle team and 2iC Pàncèlvadàsz Rifle team.


Puskàs Szàzad Platoon x 3

I have three full Puskàs Platoons in the company, but have chosen to only show one platoon as they look very similar.

A close-up of the Command Pàncèlvadàsz Rifle team.

A few close-ups of a R/MG teams.


Weapons Platoon

A full weapons platoon.

Some pics of a HMG team.

A light mortar team. An anti-tank rifle team.

Mortar Platoon

Full mortar platoon.

A few shots of the 81mm 31/39M mortar.