The Honved
The List

One of the things I loved about the Hungarians when BF produced the briefing is that they looked like Germans, but weren't.  Now I don't like expensive toys and uber-men at all.  But I really liked the look of German forces.  The Hungarians seemed to offer a great opportunity for me.  A Germanic looking force, but a swarm of troops.


When choosing the list for this company, I knew one thing.  I wanted a lot of troops. 


So I started out with every combat platoon possible and each one a full platoon.  3 combat platoons at 10 stands apiece, a fine core to build a company around.


Then I filled out the weapons platoons, except for the MG platoon.  Mostly because there was not a MG platoon blister available and I wasn't going to buy a blister and not use 50% of it.  (I'm kinda stubborn)  But I'm happy with the decision, because my company has plenty of light-arms firepower without the MG company.  So I've got the weapons platoon to divide up between the Puskàs platoons for extra firepower, pinning, and light tank busting.  I've got the mortar platoon to smoke and pin units as I advance.


Next comes the support options.  I began with the anti-tank platoon of 50mm 38M guns, as I said before I'm not one of these "get the biggest and best" type of guys.  The 38M is the best bang for you buck AT gun for the Hungarians.  


For the artillery, I went mid-range as well.  the 100mm 38M is the middle choice.  It performs as well as the larger option of German 105's in all categories except direct fire.  I don't plan to do much direct firing with these guns anyway.   

The Assault Pioneer Platoon is there to help with tanks and generally be a beefed up infantry platoon.  

And finally the Scout Platoon, I added these guys for some recon units.  But they win the most likely to be dropped in the near future award, as I don't feel this company has much use for a recon unit.  All of the units are cheap and primarily defensive or infantry, so they won't benefit from the recon units much.

There are still 70 points left over in this company that I haven't decided what to do with.  Here are a couple of options:

  • Pick up a 75mm Regimental gun battery for 70pts (for smoke and pins primarily).  A two gun batter only there because points are left over.
  • Drop the scouts or some R/MG upgrades to pay for air support.  After all, I have some neat little planes ready to go.
  • Buy some trucks to use my assault pioneers as a mobile reserve.