The Honved

Learning everything that I needed to know to make an accurate force was a challenge.  One that I didn't much like at first, but as I became more able to find what I needed, the fun factor increased.  With Hungarian activity in World War 2 not being of much interest to the western world in general, good sources are very hard to find.

During the whole process, I had wished that there was a centralized place to find the information that I was looking for.  So, I've decided to make one.  What appears here are the sources that I have found.  It is by no means exhaustive, but the information is easy to use and in English (a plus for me).

The sources are divided into categories for ease of use, these categories
may change as more sources are added.


TO&E - The single best TO&E site on the net for a simple, informative organization of the participants of WW2. A must see for anyone thinking of getting started in military research!

Hungarian 2. Army in Russia - A snapshot of the army in the summer of 1942.

Royal Hungarian Light Division Structure 1942 - As there are very few good resources out there on Hungarian unit organizations, I have created this PDF to help those preparing a Hungarian force for Blitzkrieg Commander. 

1st Armored Field Division, July 1942 - A resource for those of you with lots of trucks and hoping to field some armor with your Hungarians.


History and General Information

History of the Royal Hungarian Army 1941-1943 BF site. Interesting short history of Hungarian Army in WW2.

Men-at-Arms Series 131: Germany's Eastern Front Allies 1941-45 - A great book, if a little thing on in-depth information. Still a good read, and sometimes, no matter how good the internet information is, nothing beats a good book. Some good uniform pics and tidbits.


Battlefront - They make a fair range of units, but if it ain't on their list, it ain't there. They would also like you to convert some of the figs to keep their own supply chain running smooth.

QRF - They make a wide range, but I have yet to see their figs in person, I hope to acquire some soon and add a products comparison page.


Painting Guides

Painting Hungarians - BF site.The single best painting guide I have found, with great specifics. A real treat for beginners!It references Vallejo Model Colors paints.

Coat of Arms


(Csaba) - Some great shots of the Csaba armored car, but not in English. A picture says a thousand words.

Battlefront Miniatures Resources

Some great simplified (always nice) info. Be warned, the organizational info has been streamlined for their game. Read as "WW2 Lite"

Army Lists

Hungarian Corp Reserve Forces - This page describes Bicycle Company (Kerékpáros Század) and Huszár Company(Huszár Század) for the FOW game. Some useful information can be used for other games.

Hungarian Honvèd - This page is the FOW v2 army list for Hungarian forces including Armored Company (Harckocizó Század), Motorized Infantry Company (Gépkocsizó Lövész Század), and Infantry Company (Puskàs Szàzad).

Ostfront Hungarian Army List Spreadsheet (exel file) - An amazing little tool created by Bengo and hosted by taliesin.  If you can work an Excel spreadsheet, you can figure out your list with ease. 


Converting a Hungarian Bofors Gun - useful if you want to stick strictly with BF minis.

Converting Hungarian Huszàrs- again only useful if you want to stick strictly with BF minis.

The "B" Team

These are sites that deal with Hungarian involvement in the war, but are very simple and sometimes just kinda sloppy. I've included them for those of you that can't get enough resources.

Organizations For Back to Basics - Some TO&E's for different nations, including Hungary

AFV News - Some basic information on Hungarian AFV's