The Honved


World War II is mostly gamed in greens, browns, and grays.  In Flames of War, objectives are one of the places that you are allowed to have a little fun.

I created the following objectives out of the desire to be creative and try something I hadn't done before.

Objective One

I had seen some fortifications on the BF website and thought that I might try my hand at something similar. This seem appropriate for my company as the Hungarians spent a bit of time dug-in while on the banks of the Don river in Russia.

I found some headless matchsticks in the arts-n-crafts department of a local dollar store. I build the timbers out of these, then filled in the banks of the trench with dry-wall filler. Over the top of that, Vallejo pumice. I have been looking for a cheaper alternative to the Vallejo pumice, but nothing beats it in the ease of use category.







Objective 2

This objective is born of a desire to paint more Hungarian camo and at least one vehicle. I love painting US Jeeps and I thought this would be a similar kind of task. I enjoyed it, especially painting on the emblem and the license plate (Thanks Honved, for th pics to work from) The plate is one that I saw in one of the pics he posted. The license plate and the national identification markings look pretty dodgy at this distance, but they look fine from more than 5 inches away! 

Something needed to happen in the objective, so I built a stone wall out of cat litter and left one of the wheels off the car. Again, a left over German AT gunner and the bailed out crew (since it wasn't a working vehicle, this was not needed) make up the working men. The car commander is peering out of his hatch to check on things. I originally meant to have a column of men marching around the break-down, but ran out of room on the base, I'm not sure how some of you make such great use of the small space. 

The sign-post is making a crossroads, between Quincy and Franklin. Not very Russian sounding names, but they have some meaning. My wife, daughter and I moved cross country from Quincy, IL to Franklin, VT last year so this was my crossroads. I'm not sure if they have stonewalls like this in Russia either, but my wife is English, so I added this feature to the objective as well.