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Blitzkrieg Commander in 15mm

Blitzkrieg Commander (BKC) is a great little game that offers a great alternative use for your FOW figures.  The army lists are highly customizable, but still points based.  It lends itself to higher level engagements and historical Orders of Battle.

After much research I came up with the following battle group for BKC.

1000pt Battlegroup for Hungarian Army, Mid Eastern Front, November 1943

 Hungarian Infantry Regiment

Recon (cavalry)

2 Battalions, each with
9 Infantry
3 Support (MG)
1 Support (ATG 37mm) & horse
1 Support (mortar)

Support (ATG 50mm) & horse
Support (IG 76mm) & horse

Arty Unit (100/105mm)
Arty Asset (HE)
Arty Asset (Smoke)


As you can see, an army can very easily be used for BKC with very few additions. I will need to add a single cavalry stand, 2 x 37mm ATG gun, and 3 MG stands and I have the force. All of these new units can be used in FOW as well. Granted you'd have a hard time finding a use for a single cavalry stand, but that is what QRF is for, tailoring your force.

BKC Resources

For those wishing to construct historically accurate forces: 

Royal Hungarian Light Division Structure 1942 - As there are very few good resources out there on Hungarian unit organizations, I have created this PDF to help those preparing a Hungarian force for Blitzkrieg Commander.

1st Armored Field Division, July 1942 - A resource for those of you with a lot of trucks and hoping to field some armor with your Hungarians.