Palham Music - The Home Truths

Palham was founded as a mixtape label by Dan Bust in 1994.

We also publishes the flyer-artwork creations and operate a party-event series. The members of the Label originally met in Eisenach in 2000 in a record store called Dreizehnter and continue to work together since then.

Palham Vinyl was started in 2003 – created and maintained by Winfried Ruebsam and Daniel Bust. In order to be independent from the constraints of clubs and their scenes and to be free in our own release policy, we try to maintain our financial independence as well as our intellectual (& artistic) freedom. Ongoing reflections on culture, politics and all kinds of music will find their expression in the dj-sets and various flyers and should encourage open discussion. The label based in West- and South-Thuringia / Germany.

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PH000 | Split EP

First record release. The first steps of the Palham Music artists in terms of in-house productions.
Raw unmastered material pressed to 12 inches … Great good old times!

Release: 2003 | Vinyl, 12″, Black, 300 Copies
Style: Electronic, Experimental, Minimal, Techno, House, Ambient

PH001 | The Home Truths Compilation Volume One

The individual is dead? Some say: Not fair, not fine – Listen once into yourself!
Bring your soul respect against – Then you will be aim higher.
You shall never bind the mischief – Bliss you will be find in music.

Release: 2005 | Vinyl, 12″, Black, 300 Copies (200 copies incl. self-made and unique covers)
Style: Electronic, Experimental

PH002 | The Home Truths Compilation Volume Two

Release: 2008 | Vinyl, 12″, Black, 300 Copies
Style: Electronic, Abstract, Deep House, Ambient

PH003 | Flavio Diners / Nafn – Soulfree / I Remember

The fourth edition of Palham Music. Strictly limited to 300 in the green transparent look. The A side is simply nice simple no-frills house track which does not adhere years. If you like bass-heavy melancholy, find the right track on the AA side. Our opinion is the perfect track to complete a set.

Release: 2011 | Vinyl, 10″, Green, Limited Edition, 300 hand stamped and numbered copies
Style: Electronic, Deep House, Dubstep

PH004 | Blaak Paradize

Palham Music sagt allen Beteiligten Danke! Ihr habt uns zum Teil über Jahre begleitet, geprägt, inspiriert und euphorisiert – sei es im Audio- und Printbereich oder einfach nur als Menschen.
Und wo begann alles? Im Club – diesem dunklen Soziotop, in dem vieles möglich war und ist. Die viel zitierte Macht der Nacht. Mit Blaak Paradize bringen wir eine Hommage auf den Club unserer Erinnerung heraus, mit all seinen musikalischen Facetten und Brüchen.

In blaak we trust
In love we must
In paradize your mind
And your youth is blind

Release: 2016 |  Vinyl, 12″, Black, 315 Copies include a special booklet
Style: Deep House, Abstract, Ambient, Experimental, Techno

PH NAFN 001 | Flavio Diners – Lo-Fi Soul Food

Flavio Diners has done something for the hearts of deep lovers with “Lo-Fi Soul Food”. It’s groovy, deep, a little playful and a well fitting soundtrack for so many relaxed moments.

Release: 2012 | Vinyl, 10″, Black, Limited Edition, 198 hand stamped and numbered copies with silk screened covers
Repress: 2015 | Vinyl, 10″, White & Grey Marble, Limited Edition, RP, 100 copies with Demo labels
Style: Electronic, Abstract, Deep House, Ambient

PH NAFN 002 | Flavio Diners presents Ugly Drums – Pink Apples

Flavio Diners dug up four track by Ugly Drums, which couldn’t be more timeless and vintage.
Practised “Wild Pitch Feeling” for special moments.

All tracks from the digital and self released album “Pink Apples“ available at bandcamp.
Flavio Diners presented an exclusive limited vinyl version with a special cover on Palham Music.

Release: 2014 | Vinyl, 12″, Black, Limited Edition, 497 copies (394 hand numbered with self made cover artwork in variable colors - 100 records comes with a sticker inside.)
Style: Electronic, Deep House, Abstract, Ambient, Experimental, Techno

TWO TIMER | FD – Two Timer (No Dass He Losen Edit)

150 copies will not be sufficient to adequately serve the Edit community. For this summer, no one will want to do without this verfilterten madness. Hallelujah. The deep red of the vinyls devours the historicity in shovel loads. Again Hallelujah. And the rough filter carries the breath of the past into the present. Perfect. We always dance counter-cyclical.

Release: 2011 | Vinyl, 12″, Red, Single Sided, Unofficial Release, Limited Edition, 150 hand stamped and numbered copies
Repress: 2015 | Vinyl, 12″, White, Single Sided, RP, Limited Edition, 200 copies released at Yore Records (YRE-008LTD)
Style: Electronic, Funk & Soul, House, Funk, Beatdown

GRNDMA | Pressburg / Nafn – Grndma

They should also called the record the “melancholy of the blessed”, if the title were not already taken by Rainald Goetz. Now we have two autarkic tracks who have the same diabolical origin and perhaps answer the question of whether life can in a vacuum is actually possible, or whether the real simply no longer tangible. Decide for yourself!

Release: 2013 | Vinyl, 7″, Sky Blue, Limited Edition, 205 hand stamped and numbered copies with a special sticker
Style: Electronic, IDM, Ambient

GROWN | The Analog Roland Orchestra – Grown

Stop breathing! Who wants to show up, must have seen the ground. Apparently lonely, but as it gracefully, we accompany you on the trip. Two ways are open – too true, too beautiful. Let us grow together. Roll on. See you again!

Release: 2013 | Vinyl, 7″, Grey Blue Marbled, Limited Edition, 305 hand stamped and numbered copies with a special booklet
Style: Electronic, Downtempo

MY FUNERALS | FD – My Funerals ( القيامة ) 

Pathos, epos, passion. Big words for a 7”. Flavio Diners is decoding Two Wooden Stones ”My Funerals” in such a powerful but also soulful way that all the narcissistic head bangers have to pause for a moment.

Special Edit by Flavio Diners for the Two Wooden Stones
(Original recorded live @ Werk 2 (Leipzig) in 06-12-2011)

Release: 2016 | Vinyl, 7″, Black, Unofficial Release, Limited Edition, Single Sided, 106 hand stamped and numbered copies with a dirty look and a special 7″ riso sheet by Mischwald e.V.
Style: Electronic, Folk, World, & Country, Downtempo

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