Home Sweet Home

Home Education is growing faster than ever . . . 

you can help to swell the masses so that more children get the benefits!

Still, most parents just do not know or realize that that they can Home Educate and give their children a better start in life than the failing factory style, mass-production education. There are also parents considering Home Education that are dissuaded by the negative propaganda created by the last government and their cohorts.  Two Lines can change the world.  

As the internet becomes increasingly interactive, there are thousands of opportunities to add a comment to a news item, a blog entry, a discussion forum or a social network page. 

Let’s do this together and reset the negative propaganda of misguided social workers, ignorant Local Authorities, off-their-rocker Offsted, the pernicious, power-crazed protagonists of the third sector or bigoted people that just don’t know any better. 
Please actively join in with this Home Education promotional campaign to raise positive awareness and help it to go viral.

  1. Copy the Two-Line phrases below and find somewhere to post one each day.
  2. Add your favourite one (or even a different one each week) to the bottom of every email you send.
  3. Send a link to this page to your home education friends. 
  4. If you have positive, catchy two-line thoughts, then please tell us so that we can share them with everyone else. 
  5. Publish a link to this site on your Facebook or favourite social network site.
  6. Please place as many links to this site as you can find.

Thank you.

The Two-Line Statements:


Please Give Generously
Home Educate your children

Charity Begins at Home
Home Educated people have more to give

Child Protection

The Ultimate Child Protection Environment
Home Education

How to Avoid Bullying?
Ask your parents to Home Educate you

School is hell and there’s no-one to talk to?
Talk to your parents about home education – it’s their legal right.

Does Your Child Come Home Crying?
Make her or him happy with the benefits of Home Education

PSC Notice
Prevent School Cruelty – Home Educate

Child Protection 
Protect your child from failing schools with Home Education

You are the Parents - not the state
Stop state indoctrination and school bullying: Home Educate

Getting It Right for Your Child – Home Educate

Failing State-Run Mass Education System

Loathe Those Annoying Teachers?
Get the best education - Ask your parents to Home Educate you

Do You Have Days of Senseless Boredom?
Ask your parents to home educate you

Picked on by a teacher?
Pick your own teacher; join the growing movement of Home Education

When school is revolting . . .
Join the learning revolution and Home Educate

Want a Private Education Without Monster Fees? 
Ask your parents to Home Educate you – it’s their legal right.

Couldn’t get the best school in your area?
D.I.Y.  Give your children the best with a Home Education - it’s your legal right

Change Parent Evenings into Children’s Evenings 
Home Education

Why do teachers leave school to Home Educate their children?
Because they know its best and they’ve seen the worst.

Avoid bullying, playground drugs culture and poor education 
Give your children the best with a Home Education - it’s your legal right

Failed State-Run Mass Education
Give your children the best with a Home Education - it’s your legal right

"Teachers should be called Helpers"
A Home Educated girl – 6 years old

Many Teachers are Very Good
They decide to Home Educate

Vote with Your Feet
Kick out schools and Home Educate

Schools teach by instruction
Home Educated children learn by initiative

Free Schools?
Be really free and have the best with Home Education


Demand the best in Life!
Ask your parents to home educate you – it’s their legal right.

Thinking of having a baby?
Have a great life; decide to Home Educate

Want the Best for your Children?
Give them the best with a Home Education - it’s your legal right

Why Is Home Education growing so fast?
Because it works and mass schooling fails

Live in the Real World
Home Educate

SAT’s, IGCE’s A Levels, Degree and No Job?
Home Educate – education for Life

Does your child not want to wake-up on weekdays?
Give them the best with a Home Education - it’s your legal right

School, university, degree, no job, £30k debt: miserable
Home Education, job, Open University, degree, career path and no debt: happy

The Real Benefit Culture
Give your child the benefit and culture of Home Education

Would You Let Your Daughter Marry a Teacher?
Home Educate her and she won’t want to!

Despise Golden Spoons in Their Mouth?
Put a golden tongue in children’s heads. Home Educate

Good Family Planning
Home Education


The Ultimate Christmas Present!
Ask your Mum and Dad for a Home Education

Happiness is Home Education
Make your children happy

Put excitement into your Child’s Life
Give them the best with a Home Education – they will love you for it

Home Education

Home Sweet Home

The World Is a Classroom
Home Education is Worldly

Want happy children with a zest for leaning?
Home Educate -  It turns children on

Entrepreneurs are self-starters
Home Educated children learn by initiative

Home Education Parents are Facilitators
Teachers are just teachers

Home Education Parents Facilitate Learning
Teachers teach how to pass pathetic tests

When I am making something great, no one says "stop now, end of lesson"
Home Education

Why are Home Educated people more socially well balanced?
Not being isolated from society with 30 other children of the same age for 12 years

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Home Sweet Home

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