The Homan Group, LLC

Robert Homan, CEO The Homan Group, LLC

Following is a list of services we have provided our customers:


1. Online writing lessons

            We have recruited several top university professors to help write lessons for an online business writing service.

List of courses:

Business English Writing 1: Standard

Business English Writing 2: Advanced

Business English Writing 4: Advanced Intensive (3 months)

Business English Writing 8: Standard Intensive (3 months)

English Writing Skills for Attorneys: Advanced Intensive (3 months)

English Writing Skills for Attorneys: Standard Intensive (3 months)

Practical Business Writing for Accountants

See our Products link for examples of lessons from each course

2. Online tutor recruitment and training

3. Placement test creation and placement of students 

4. Recruitment and training of lecturers for Business English Training Seminars

            Seminars conducted at many of Japan’s largest business law firms and other major corporations

5. Development of materials for Business English Training Seminars

            Fundamental Communication Skills

            Debate and Discussion Skills

            Negotiation Skills

            Critical Thinking Skills

            Presentation Skills

            TOEFL Skills

6. Other services

            Assessment of English and critical skills of applicants for positions at a large financial services corporation.

            Coaching of CEO and other high officers in presentation skills at one of Japan’s largest life insurance corporations.

7. Private English consulting for Associates and Partners at two of Japan's top four law firms