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Holocaust revised

The interest in the revision of myths and mythological ideologies of today arose as a result of the dialectic transormation of quantity (of unsatisfactory official explanations beginning e.g. from the murder of J. F. Kennedy and finishing with blasting living appartements in Moscow and the WTC in New-York) into the quality (of avalanche-like spread of independent research in spite of increasing means of persecution of too nosy researchers).
The occasion of this publication, which generalizes my own research started after the 911, was a message of Mr. Oleg Mikhilevich sent to me recently with a link to following significant words:

2011/5/27 Oleg Mikhilevich 

This concerns history of attempts to save Jews during the Holocaust, supracynical negotiations of Rothschilds and Co. with the Nazis, as well as some features of the Aliya Beth. As I have heard this. I for myself even do not meddle there. [in original Russian: Это касается истории попыток спасения евреев в Холокост, о переговорах Ротшильдов и К с нацистами, предела циничности которым просто нет - и о некоторых подробностях алии "Бет". Так, порассказали. Я сама в это даже не
These words reflect one of the main themes of my long correspondence with Mr. Oleg Mikhilevich. 
First I must make it clear that I know nothing about any negotiations of Rothschilds with the Nazis, however there is a lot of literature on negotiations of the Zionists and the Nazis.
Even more, no negotiations of Rothschilds with the Nazis could take place, upon my mind, at all. For Rothschilds belong to quite another level than those who can be charged with such negotiations and who can be exposed to the public. 
Till recent times Rothschilds were "exposed" among the Anti-Semites only. This was because the Anti-Semites justify their idea of the global Jewish conspiracy on the basis of the Jewish origins of Rothschilds and other famous world bankers.
An assumption, whether it is similar to the truth, or not, is doomed to remain a bare assumption when a proof lacks. Any pogroms and genocides organized on the basis of an assumption cannot serve as a proof of course.
The fallacy of the argumentation is not only in an attempt to connect a criminal and his nationality (e.g. whether Rothschilds are Jews, or they are a miraculously survived Amalekitian elite, as Mr. Oleg Mikhilevich believes). The thing is that when developments in Palestine became the point, the Jewish origins of Rothschilds appeared to be favourable to mislead investigation on the wrong path of the Jewish conspiracy.
If one does not deny a conspiracy as such (whether Jewish or not, this should be subjected to investigation), one can, if one has a wish, label conspirators "Illuminati". Maybe such a label is even willingly accepted by members of the "Bohemian Club", "Skull and Bones" or similar occult organizations of the world elite:
say they continue Weishaupt's Illuminati, and even Templiers, organizationally, not only ideologically.
I consider such popular view to be the wrong path of finding the truth I have just mentioned above.
On the contrary I propose to simply cast a galnce at what is on the surface without any mysteries. This is a history of Anglo-Saxon globalization of the world, initiated in London and further developed in Great Britain with its poweful filias in the U.S.A. 
Quite open information may be found even in democratically approved Wikipedia, one has only to analyze everything in following enumerated sequense:
1) Society of the Elect (1891) --> Round Table (1909), Great Britain > South Africa, Canada, Australia, NewZelnd, India;
[2) (without a clear connection which is to be sought as information on further forming of British executive power in America, or the final British victory against American War for Independence:) unification of affiliated banks of Rothschilds' provenance into "national" Federal Reserve System (FED, 1913, U.S.A.];
(3 - 6 see below)
7) --> Royal Institute of International Affair, RIIA (1919), Great Britain;
8) --> Council on Foreign Relations, CFR (1920), U.S.A.
The starting information concerning all said above may be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Round_Table_movement#Society_of_the_Elect ,
however the right chronology should be: 1919 (RIIA) --> 1920 (CFR) since it is nowhere hidden that the CFR appeared as an affiliation of London RIIA.
(9, 10 - see below)
11) Further a known post-WWII history of the globalism follows from the Bretton Woods financial agreements (1944), with setting up International Monetary Fund (1945) etc., up to the appearance of the Bilderberg Group (1951) and Trilateral Commission (1973). To fully understand the developments one must read famous quotes from Creator of the Trilateral Commission David Rockefeller (Bilderberg meeting in Baden, 1991) as well as from Chairman of the CFR James Paul Warburg (U.S.A. Senate, February 17, 1951) on the World Government, both in the period of 40 years mentioned by D. Rockefeller.
The families of all mentioned bankers, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warburgs, are Jewish (or as you want: banking interest was a traditional Jewish profession in struggle for survival under "Christian" persecutions in medieval Europe). However what is of importance for us: all of them are bankers of Rothschilds' banking provenance, i.e. of the British provenance.

The British provenance
As said, Anti-Semites unanimously associate "the global Jewish conspiracy" with Rothschilds and Zionists because of the Jewish origin of Rothschilds.
However Rothschilds had nothing to do with the appearance of the Zionism at all in spite of the fact that some of them supported Jewish colonists in Palestine even before the Zionists.
Zionism emerged as a national, not messianic, not theocratic, project oriented to Palestine but not necessarily to Palestine.
It was Sultan Abdülhamid II of the Ottoman Empire, not Rothschilds, to whom Theodore Herzl applied first with a proposition to discharge Empire's debts in exchange for the Jewish State in Palestine.
No doubts Herzl hoped to gather necessary sums from outstanding Jewish bankers, starting from Rothschilds in Britain and elsewhere.
The negotiations started with the help of Wilhelm II of Germany and lasted long.
What Rothschilds had to do with this? – Nothing.
What had this to do with the Jewish conspiracy? – Nothing.
Unfortunately the Sultan preferred ruination of the last caliphate and thus doomed the world for horrors of the 20th c. and more.
Only then a satanic idea to unite Zionism and British imperialism was born: "England with her possessions in Asia should be most interested in Zionism" (Herzl's Diaries quotation on many Anti-Israeli sites). 
This is the idea with which Herzl addressed London afterwards.
Nevertheless London was not enthusiastic at the beginning, but Nigeria (a land without - white - people) was proposed by British racists for European colonists (the people without land) instead of Palestine. 
Thus a Zionist Jewish State in Palestine was neither an idea of Rothschilds, nor a Jewish conspiracy.
Why did then the Palestine project begin to work?
This is the reason: when Britain was endangered with a defeat in the WW I, the German Zionists proposed to engage the U.S.A. in the war on Britain's side in exchange for British support for the Jewish State project in Palestine.
This is not any Nazi propaganda, for it was Benjamin H. Freedman, an American, who revealed backstage of the Balfour Declaration –
When? – In 1961, just after the election of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who is murdered two years later for his unsuccessful attempt to shake the U.S.A. free from the FED yoke.
Needless to say Benjamin Freedman is considered to be a traitor among many Jews. However one must scrutinize facts from every side if one wants to achieve the truth: in his Anti-Jewish speech Freedman revealed mechanism of the beginning Zionist policy involving Britain and even events in Russia.
Now let us come back to the sequence of the events to complete missing links:
3) Provocation with Lusitania (1915)
4) U.S.A. enters the war (April 1917)
5) Balfour Declaration (September 1917)
6) Bolshevik coup d’etat in Russia (October 1917)
In other words, in 1917 the British thoroughly realized what an instrument comes to their hands in the shape of the Zionism.
As for Russia, the Jews had no grounds to love the Tzarist regime. However it was not only a support of Jacob Schiff from the bank Kuhn, Loeb & Co alone which overturned the Tzarist regime. Losing Germany was interested in this first and foremost: even regular units of the German army helped the Bolsheviks in 1917 (read Bunich!), not to say about German money.
Defeat of the Ottoman Caliphate enabled London to envade the Arab world and pinch it in scissors between the Palestine and India. As for the final victory of the Anglo-Saxon globalism, it dawned as a result of further ruination of traditional Europe due to successful bumping the Nazis and the Bolsheviks together against one another in the WW II.
The British bridgehead in the Near East in the shape of "restored Israel" (which was not restored as being ruled not by the Mosaic Law of GD but by the sodomo-democratic law cursed by GD) was planned to emerge in the name of murdered Jews.
This was the reason why the Anglo-Saxon globalism supported economic growth of the Nazi Germany but did not allow the latter to defeat the U.S.S.R. when later the U.S.S.R. was helped in turn. 
Namely the Western democracy, which had provoked the WWII, was first and foremost interested in the Jewish genocide in order to set up the Israeli bridgehead in Palestine but to show this as ostensible care of the Jews murdered without their state. Therefore everything was done to provoke the genocide. While it had been already since 1935 when the Nazis themselves carried out deportation of the Jews to Palestine, the Great Britain started to ban this after the war had broken up. England began to sink ships with Jewish migrants, so that even the Zionists were forced to declare it (not Germany!) the main enemy. Real aims of the West to free hand to Hitler to begin the Jewish genocide are especially seen in the epopee of St. Louis ship with Jewish refugees in 1939. For show England really accepted part of them, however this was done not in the beginning but after the U.S.A., Cuba and Canada had rejected them and the main thing had been performed: the Nazis understood the signal and their propaganda began to declaier that the world did not want to accept a "criminal nation". The genocide could be started.
Besides that, an expected defeat of Germany appeared to be exactly to the point: post-war German reparations more than twice exceeded all means ever gathered by the Jews themselves for their national state. In other words, these reparations made a decisive share in creating the state and they rid the "main sponsors" Rothschilds from unnecessary overspend (their intitial expenditure will turn back soon hundredfold).
(Last not least, the poorest social layer, what is a burden for each statehood, was annihilated during the genocide: these were East-European Jews of Belarus and Ukraine!)
Murder of the Jews and ruination of traditional Europe were two main aims of the WW II. The more Jews murdered, the "best"! 
Now we can complete all missing links:
The newest stage of usurping the world is making use of the same murdered Jews in inventing new "reparations" from Europe, i.e. pumping money over into the pocket of banking globalists, "victims of the WW II":
10) Holocaust Industry (robbery of Swiss banks, persecution of "Holocaust revisers" in order to hide true stirrers of the Jewish genocide and to further strangle freedom of expression and freedom in general).
No doubt, representatives of Jewish financial elites profited from the Holocaust industry, however this was possible only in the context of the banking globalism which has nothing to do with the Jewish nation. As showed above, aims and origin of the banking globalism are not Jewish, but the Jews were used as guinea-pigs, hostages of satanic interests which unite the global "patricians".
If such is "the Jewish conspiracy", what are winnings of the Jews finally, if not the genocide? Are they the State of Israel?
Maybe. However the question arises, how long this winning is able to persist? 
Do the globalizers need Israel today when their aims are almost achieved in the Western hemisphere at least, but Israel with the very its existence hinders to suppress the resistence of the Arabs against democratic enslavement and ruination of Islam.
Is it not but better for the globalizers today to throw Israel as a bone to the Arabs in exchange for the sodomo-democracy?
Do Rothschilds need Israel today?
Obama, a Rotschilds' clan puppet, has proposed to restore boundaries of 1967 already, but the EU has supported this proposal. Who will defend the state?
The main thing is: GD will not defend false Israel.
GD is not a democrat, these are not His anti-democratic "fundamentalist" laws which govern Israel but sodomo-democratic Knesset.
"Unless HaShem guards the city, the watchman stays awake in vain" (Ps 127 : 1).  
No need to discuss what will happen to the Jews if they repeat sins of pre-Jewish Canaan. Tora makes this clear (cf. e.g. Deut 28).
It is a nonsense to compare the Canaanites with today Palestinians. The latter do not commit such sins but they live according to Sharia which is the single acting legislation mostly close to Mosaic Law today. 
It is not difficult to imagine what a satanic howl will arise among the "whole progressive mankind" if Israel begins to apply Mosaic Law to blasphemers, adulterers and sodomites! Alas (or hurrah?), democratic Israel arranges Canaanite sodomite camps instead of this. This is done on official state level! 
Theme of today orwellic manipulations and experiments on mankind is worthy of research by common efforts of international institutes. I dare to only propose some ideas cleansed from such rubbish as "Illuminati", "Jews" etc. used to hide true puppeteers of history of the 20th - 21st c.
I have no doubt that after investigations new things will emerge which are even difficult to imagine today. Much is coming to light even today in any case - cf. evidence of such criminals as Churchill or Khrushchov, or participation of "allies" in murdering Jews.
The British should not have murdered 93-years-old Rudolf Hess without great grounds, i.e. if not being horror-struck with a probability of his release. Hess knew what things the conductors of two world wars and the Jewish genocide hide most of all.

It is just the time to end Anti-Semitism mixed up with Rothschilds. The Rothschilds are neither Jews, nor Amalekitians. They are pure Englishmen of the Judaic rite similarly to e.g. Queen Elisabeth II, who is an Englishwoman of the Anglican rite. They constitute financial power which launched the project of the Anglo-Saxon globalization and which is the basis of today Britich monarchy, as well as probably the basis of the global virtual British Empire.
The U.S.A. serves only as a screen to mask the British puppeteer in this game.
Kaunas Lithuania