The Hive at Walkden High School

The Hive is a separate area of Walkden High school dedicated to creating a small, structured and personalised learning environment for our pupils who most need it. We have a great team of staff who work tirelessly to ensure our SEN children enjoy being at Walkden High School and make the most progress possible both academically as well as socially and emotionally. Pupils who need it, are welcome to use this facility throughout their education to access support, ask for advice and to socialise in a smaller, less intimidating setting.

Our MLD Provision
2013 saw the introduction of a new Moderate Learning Difficulties unit into Walkden High School. This plays a vital role in Salford's vision for developing provision for students with SEN and improving options and outcomes for all students. Each year The Hive grows and it will eventually cater for 35 students with complex special educational needs, who require a level of specialist support which may not normally be available in other mainstream schools. Our base will play a significant role in extending inclusion of Salford students with SEN in mainstream schools.
In most cases, students will benefit from a combination of access to teaching in small groups within the unit, and time in mainstream classes, with additional support. There will be a higher than usual level of staffing to meet more complex needs, which will extend to break and lunch time support. Whilst students will be able to access much of the national curriculum, differentiated to an appropiate level, they will also benefit from an enriched curriculum including:
  • Structured literacy/numeracy programmes
  • Regular input from local authority specialist teachers
  • The development of independent work skills
  • The development of Social skills and Life skills
  • Opportunities to visit and learn in the community
  • The Development of Links with special schools

The Hive itself is situated within main school, but with a seperate entrance and facilities, enabling students to develop ownership and have a secure haven. This designated area has:

  • Full barrier free access, including toliet facilities
  • 'Safe h
    aven' for breaks and lunchtime provision
  • Canteen facilities with access to school meals
  • Safe outside  area (supervised)
  • Separate Arrival / Departure / Taxi area as appropriate
  • Areas for small group teaching, therapy and positive support
  • Flexible learning spaces to enable a more personalised curriculum
  • A highly visual learning ethos
  • Quiet work areas / work stations / distraction free room
  • Kitchen facilities
  • ICT facilities

Mainstream Support
Many of our pupils with SEN are able to acess a full, mainsteam timetable with the use of our wonderful teaching assistants and support staff. Teachers, pupils and parents alike can work together with our SENCO to ensure that pupils are supported wherever possible and therefore are able to make progress at their own rate with the strategies and help they require.  
Morning Intervention

During some form times, pupils will be selected to receive small group or 1:1 morning intervention. These sessions are run by our fantastic team of support staff and vary from individual reading to social skills support and friendship groups.

Progress Intervention
Some of our pupils who join us from primary are selected to recieve progress intervention. This is a teaching programme run by a specialist teacher for pupils working below the national average in Maths and English. These sessions aim to assist pupils in making accelerated progress in these subject areas thus having an impact across their wider learning.
Skills 4 Life
September 2014 saw the start of Walkden High School's first nurture group. This is a group dedicated to supporting less able pupils who have struggled developmentally and therefore need support improving their behaviour for learning skills as well as intensive PSHE education and increased numeracy and literacy support. Selected pupils will have access to a smaller form group, 3 x 100 lessons a week, dedciated memebers of staff to give advice and monitor their behaviour and learning, as well as some mainstream lesson support.