A classic pointed witch's hat.

Hi and welcome to The History of Witchcraft! My name is Polaris Black and I will be teaching you all about witchcraft and how it developed. Assisting me is Hannah R Thomas, an amazing Ravenclaw prefect. Now, to avoid confusion, let me explain exactly what this class is about. It will NOT cover Harry Potter and the history of that world. Instead, this class will look at actual witch trials that took place all across the world. The people and places that we will cover are real. 

This will be a yearlong class since there are so many places to cover. The first term will cover most of Europe and the beginnings of witchcraft. The second term will look at a few final places in Europe, then move on to Salem. After that, we will look at Africa, Latin America, and modern witchcraft. 

I know some of you have taken this class in the past, but you are welcome to take it again! Most of the assignments will be the same, but there might be a few minor changes. 

This class was created by the wonderful Prof. Kyrie Adderholt!

A photo of a pile of old books, a small box, and a metallic pentagram, which is labeled The History of Witchcraft.