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The emphasis toward the international education in the world has dramatically proliferated the total number of the well-designed universities, including the polytechnic college, normal college and comprehensive university and so on so forth. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hereafter this text will be abbreviated as HK PolyU.) has been regarded as the relatively prominent university in the world. When it comes to the history of HK PolyU, it deserves mentioning and exploring until today, because of its popularity and well reputation in the recent years.

It was located in Hong Kong and was established in 1937, the year of the Chinese People’s War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression in the formal way. Being one of the most ancient university in Hong Kong, it is the higher institute subsidized by the government. The PolyU should derive from the year of 1937, the founding of the esteemed university. In this year, Hong Kong Institute of Government senior college was established, the schoolhouse was located in Wood Road, Wanchai, being the first one to be subsidized by the government in Hong kong, and it is the first one to begin the courses, such as marine radio operation, mechanical engineering and architecture and so on so forth. In 1947, Hong Kong Institute of Government Senior College had changed its name into The Hong Kong Polytechnic College, providing both the full-time and part-time courses. The Change of name has enabled the history of HK PolyU to gain its well-known popularity. In 1956, on account of various reasons, this college has got the donation from the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong, adding up to ten million Yuan in total. The government also provided it assistance to support its further development.

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In 1965, the prominent professor, Chung Sze-yuen, advocated establishing a polytechnic college in Hong kong. However, until in May of 1969, the relevant committee had been formally established, with the professor, Tang Bingyuan to act as the president. The government had adopted the final report of the committees, so the items of HK PolyU took effect on March 24 in the year of 1972. In the sequent parts, other several leaders in HK PolyU have been appointed one by one. On August 1 in 1972, the HK PolyU was established formally, in essence, the history began at that time. However, in the previous days, the students of full-time, day part-time and night part-time of HK PolyU added up to seventeen hundred, seven hundred and forty an nine thousand three hundred and forty respectively.

In 1983, HK PolyU has put forward five courses for student’s master degrees. And in 1986 and in 1989, it began to open courses for the master degree and doctorate degree respectively, which has strengthened the power and national influence. Its history was ended with the establishment of self review qualification awarded by the Institute of Education Funding Council. Then in the later time, the college has been changed to HK PolyU. The glorious and charming previous experiences have contributed to the popularity and well esteem in the modern time.

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Fortunately, each year, the researchers in HK PolyU will take out about two thousand five hundred researching programs to improve their academic superiority. From the year of 2012 to 2013, the researching committee has taken out more than 0.14 billion Yuan as the researching grant to support the academic creating and outcomes. HK PolyU has a higher teaching efficiency to attract more students, adding up to several millions in total from the whole nation, even from the foreign nations. When it comes to the research institutes, there will be numerous branches, including applied science and Textile College, college of business administration, construction and Environment College, college of engineering and other crucial colleges as a matter of fact.

In order to consolidate the history of HK PolyU, in 1999, this college just established the Enterprise Development Collge, which has provided the college students more chances to build their careers and to help them find some jobs at the same time. Apart from that, HK PolyU also pushes the awarding plan to encourage the new invention, and puts emphasis to the maintenance of the intellectual property beneficial for the further development of HK PolyU. In June of 2013, HK PolyU obtained the patents with number of one hundred and fifty. And another three hundred and seventy inventions are still under the progress.

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Among the numerous universities in Hong Kong, HK PolyU is not the number one, but the history of HK PolyU deserves mentioning and exploring in fact, on account of its renowned location and bountiful financial support from all parts. HK PolyU is well-known for its powerful and excellent teaching methods and faculties as well, to add a lot of charms to HK PolyU. Then HK PolyU has numerous famous alumni fellows, being famous in education circle, the political circle, professionals, business circles, entertainment industry, sports circle and news circles and other communities from home and abroad. HK PolyU has been regarded the symbol of power and strength of Chinese nation from several perspectives. Until in 2013, HK PolyU has hired five thousand six hundred and three faculties and staffs. Among them, the employees working a long time accounts of 96 percent in total. The temporary employees have two thousand and fifty one, a strong supporting power to HK PolyU in the further integral development in the long run.

The achievement of HK PolyU is glorious and charming, which has attracted so great many students and other people to choose HK PolyU for their personal development and the career building in general. You could also click HK PolyU to the official website of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. If you are still interested about it, you could feel free to enjoy the videos below.

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