MINUTES OF March 16, 2017


Board Members Present: Bob Burge,  Tom Johnson, Shanna McDonald, Kathy Sands, Rick Lopez, Lori Heitz.

Absent: Carolyn Metzker, Ty Rowe, Lori Heitz, Scott Strawhecker (on leave), and Jeff Patton.

Guests: Marianne Eller of the Friends of Placer High School.


Agenda, Minutes, Treasurer’s Report:

*Today’s agenda, the Minutes of the February meeting, and the Treasurer’s report were all approved as submitted.


Communications/Correspondence/Members of the Public:

The Friends of Placer are putting on their annual Green and Gold Wine Festival on March 18th in the Sierra Building at the Fairgrounds from six to nine. This is a fundraiser for FOP. All funds generated by the event will be returned to Placer High School.

Grant Requests:

None at this meeting

 Committee Reports:


The timeline for the event was reviewed and working back from the September 23rd date, a discussion on the details of the timeline (Journal advertising, Chamber of Commerce contacts, etc.) was reviewed. Having six months to prepare for the event should make it easier to iron out conflicts. 

The focal point of the meeting was the beginning of a discussion to detail the program for the evening. Four speakers were brought up (the mayor, the principal, Kevin Hanley and Lindsay Hyatt). Additionally, the idea of creating a video featuring local business people who were also Placer grads was brought up. Board members were given a "homework" assignment for the April meeting of returning to the next meeting with the name of ten individuals (five men and five women) who were currently working at a business in Auburn and who had attended Placer High School. Bob Burge distributed an aerial photo of the Hillfest site that identified critical areas of the event and a discussion of each area and its focus followed.


Unfinished Business:

Lori Heitz requested funding for an update for Quickbooks accounting software. Marianne Ellner suggested a less expensive alternative that Lori said she would investigate. 


New Business:

Bob Burge updated us on the next "Big Day of Giving" and also requested our suggestions for having an honoree from the Athletic Hall of Fame ceremony (April 29th) who would represent our organization.

Next Meeting: April 27, 2017 at 4:00 PM at Community 1st Bank.