Board Members Present: Bob Burge, Lori Heitz, Shana McDonald, Bob Rogers, Carolyn Metzker, Dave Odom, Bob Haydon, Rick Lopez, Kathy Sands, Dan Luper, Ben Edwards, Erin Lee, Adriana Jensen, Ruby Evers, Donna Parker, Chris Sands, and Wes Woodland.

Absent/not attending… we have so many new members that I am leaving this blank for now until we understand everyone’s time commitments and intentions.

Guests: none at this meeting


*Before I get into the actual Minutes I just want to editorialize for a second and say how fantastic it was to be in this meeting with so many people who are passionate about Placer High School, and who are now excited to help the Hillmen Foundation build on 27 years of previous efforts. Thanks to all!


Agenda, Minutes, Treasurer’s Report:

*The agenda for this meeting, and the July Treasurer’s report were moved, seconded, and approved. The minutes from the last full Board meeting in June were approved at a recent meeting of the Executive Board.


Communications/Correspondence/Members of the Public:

*none at this meeting


Grant Requests:

*None at this meeting.


Committee Reports:

*History of the Hillmen Foundation (Bob). Bob gave another brief history of the Hillmen Foundation, so we should now all be up to speed on the visions and programs we are carrying forward into the future.

*Board Restructuring (Shana). Shana went through the details of the new Board Structure. Everyone had all of this information in their packets, so we will not redundantly go over every point again. There will be Quarterly Full Board meetings, along with Monthly Executive Board meetings (or as needed). Also, Committee meetings will be on an As Needed basis. Thanks Shana for all of your efforts and an engaging presentation.

*Scholarships/Finances/Funding (Lori). Lori went over the current Foundation finances, budget, and scholarship responsibilities. The relevant committees will continue their work in these areas.


Unfinished Business:

*The Streetscape plaque honoring Jug Covich is ready to be installed at Central Square just in front of the yogurt shop. Perhaps this ceremony can be tied into the upcoming Hillmen Foundation Tailgater.

*We need Fundraising ideas to generate at least $2000 annually for the newly created Hillmen Foundation Covich-Johnson Founders scholarship. I guess this mostly falls on the shoulders of the new Fund Development committee.


New Business:

*Homecoming Tailgater 9/28/18. The Tailgater for this season is scheduled for Friday evening Sept 28th. The game will be against Nevada Union so that makes it the first football game for Placer in the new Foothill Valley League, and also the Renewal of the Rivalry with NU! Tickets will be $20 pre-sale, and $25 at the event. Tina with Vina Castellano has committed to be there; still working on getting one of the local breweries to join in also. Carolyn’s committee will continue to meet and work on this event.

*Bond Measure G. The Hillmen Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization so we cannot get too involved in supporting political causes. Please deal with any efforts/thoughts/opinions on Measure G individually.

*Please keep Ty in your thoughts and prayers, and help in any way that you can. All the best to him.

Next Meeting: Thursday, November 15th.

Submitted by David Odom, Recorder