Board members present: Bob Burge, Shana McDonald, Lori Heitz, Bob Rogers, Kathy Sands, Bob Haydon, and Dave Odom. Absent: Carolyn Metzker.

Guests: none today

Agenda/Minutes/Treasurer’s report: The agenda was approved for today’s meeting. The Minutes from the previous Executive Board meeting were approved as submitted. The Financial reports dated both December 31, 2018 and January 31, 2019 were both approved.

Announcements, correspondence, Members of the Public: none today.

Committee Reports.

Finance (Lori). The CD at First Foundation bank matured, and that cash was transferred to the investment account at Ameriprise Financial.

Fund Development (Bob Haydon). The IRA Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) letter was sent as an email to all alumni in the database who graduated Placer in 1964 or before. The Big Day of Giving is the first week of May. Bob and Chris Sands are heading up the efforts to get donations. Bob has a matching $1000 from Tom LoPiccolo at Les Schwab Tires. It was mentioned that all Foundation Board members need to make some type of contribution to the Hillmen Foundation before the Big Day of Giving. This point is on the agenda for the upcoming full Board meeting.

Governance (Kathy). The Bylaws for the Hillmen Foundation have been revised. Great work by Kathy, Shana and the entire committee! These Bylaws were accepted as written by the Executive Board. A motion was made and seconded to take these new/revised Bylaws to the entire Board for the final approval. This includes the Mission Statement (3.2 in the Bylaws) as read by the Chair.


Unfinished Business.

A memorial/plaque/tile for Ty Rowe is being worked on. However, The Rowe family could not meet with Bob as scheduled so this plan is still very much in the early stages. Nothing definitive yet.


New Business.

Grant Requests. The Board has received seven new grant requests from faculty, staff, and supporters of PHS.

1.      J. Adams, CTE/Techtronics. Cameras and microphones $391.

2.      D. Isbell, Career tech. 3D printing head $395.

3.      Counseling/Admin. Outdoor furniture for the Jug Covich building landing. $4000.

4.      J. Long, Drama. Performers. Could there be a tie-in with the State Theatre? $3500.

5.      D. Wilson, Journalism. Book scanner to scan/copy all old PHS yearbooks (Potpourris) $2451.

6.      K. Freis, Ceramics. Tiles and concrete for the base of the Hillmen statue at High and Agard. $650.

7.      S. Sherbina, Family, Supporter. Repairs for the water fountain in the stadium. $1675.

We are looking into possible other bids and/or donations for a couple of these items (#3 and #7). Also, we are contacting the State Theatre (APPAC) to see if they can help with the Jason Long request.

Lastly, Chairman Bob made a sincere and emphatic request that all of these requests be approved. The Foundation has gone over a year without granting monies to PHS (mostly because there haven’t been requests from faculty), and this is a great way for the Foundation to get back to our core purpose – which is supporting Academics, Activities, Athletics, and Alumni. These seven requests will be presented to the Full Board on Feb 21 and voted on at the end of that meeting. There is cash in the Foundation coffers right now to cover these requests.


PCF Non-Profit Training seminar report. A handful of the Executive Board members attended a Training session for non-profits sponsored and organized by the Placer Community Foundation. The key takeaways from the seminar were:

*a formal monetary donation from all Board members to the Foundation. This ties in with Bob’s 10 Point List encompassing a short synopsis of expectations of all Board members.

*Ask new Board members: “What are your expectations?”

*Conflict of interest forms need to be completed

*an Orientation session for new Board members

*Board self-evaluation


Next Executive Board meeting: May 2, 2019. The next Full Board meeting is scheduled for Thursday Feb 21, 2019 at 4pm in the PHS Library

Submitted by David Odom, Recorder