Board Members Present: Bob Burge, Lori Heitz, Shana McDonald, Bob Rogers, Carolyn Metzker, Dave Odom, Bob Haydon, and Kathy Sands.

Absent/not attending: none

Guests: none at this meeting


Agenda, Minutes, Treasurer’s Report:

*The agenda for this meeting, and the October Treasurer’s report were moved, seconded, and approved. The same applies to the Minutes from the last full Board meeting in August.


Communications/Correspondence/Members of the Public:

*none at this meeting


Grant Requests:

*None at this meeting.


Committee Reports:

*Finance (Lori). The Finance Committee met to put together a “Proposed Budget” for fiscal 2019 (July 1, 2018 – June 30,2019). This budget was approved by the Board as “proposed,” and with the movement of some scholarships from the last fiscal year into the new/current fiscal year. Again, this budget is “proposed” and is a work in progress. David Odom gave a report on the investments in the Foundation’s brokerage account at Ameriprise Financial.


*Community/School relations (Carolyn). Carolyn gave a wrap up of a fun and successful Tailgater. The bottom line is that the Foundation netted $3750 from the event. Looking forward, a goal for future tailgaters should be to increase Sponsorships, and move the event kitty-corner from Central Square to the park at High and Lewis Streets in order to increase the number of people who can attend. Details will be brought to the general Board meeting in two weeks to see if the overall group is committed to making the Tailgater a larger event with the potential to bring in more funds for the Foundation.


*Fund Development (Bob). This committee met on 9/24. Their BIG recommendation is that the Hillmen Foundation needs to “Add a Fourth A” to the existing Academics, Activities, and Athletics. That “A” stands for ALUMNI. As Bob noted, the Hillmen Foundation effectively is the Alumni Association at PHS. Another one does not exist. When the office at the school gets an Alumni-related call they forward that call on to…...Bob Burge. So – the Foundation is functioning as the Alumni Association right now, and we should probably make that a fourth official area of focus. The Mission Statement and promotional items will need to be updated to reflect this change. Other ideas from this committee include: making an appeal to our older alumni (classes of ’56 through ’66) for IRA required minimum distribution donations, and working with the classes having reunions to include a donation to the Foundation as part of their entrance fee. Lastly, Bob and Wes Woodward are creating a video to present to service organizations and other groups in order to stimulate interest in and, hopefully, donations to the Foundation.

*Governance (Kathy). This committee is going over the HF by-laws and working on revising that document.


Unfinished Business:

*none at this meeting


New Business:

*Girls Tennis separate account. The Board approved a separate account under the HF umbrella for the creation of a Girls Tennis Legacy account.


*New Board member. Randall Fee was approved as a new Board Member. If we ever create a Foundation cross country team to compete against other non-profits we think he could help us out. Thanks Randall.


*Ty Rowe. The Board approved Director Bob’s request to purchase a memorial tile for Ty to be displayed with others in the Central Square area. This must be approved by the City, and probably Streetscape, but we are initiating this process.


*Request for Grad school $$. There was a scholarship request by a PHS graduate to help them with their graduate school expenses. The Board vetoed this request as we have only given to college undergrads in the past, and we truly did not want to open this new can of worms. The request is truly outside of the auspices of the Foundation at this time.

Next Meeting: Thursday, November 15th @ 4pm PHS Library.

Submitted by David Odom, Recorder