Board members present: Bob Burge, Lori Heitz, Bob Rogers, Bob Haydon, Kathy Sands, and David Odom.

Absent: Carolyn Metzker and Shana McDonald.

Guests: None at this E-Board meeting.

Agenda/Minutes/Treasurer’s report: The agenda was approved for today’s meeting. The Minutes from the previous Board meeting (August) were also “accepted as received.” The Treasurer’s Report for October, another for the recently completed Quarter, a Budget Report, and the report for the Tailgater were all discussed, approved and “filed for audit.”

Announcements, Correspondence, Members of the Public:

*The Board received a thank you note from Thomas Schroeder (Science) thanking the Foundation for the recent donation for Science Department field trips.

*The Board has received six grant Requests to be discussed later in the meeting.


Committee Reports.

Finance (Lori).  The Investment committee met and decided to sell the PG&E stock held by the Foundation mostly so we won’t have to worry about that company as it goes through the bankruptcy (and blackouts) process. The proceeds of the sale were reinvested in a newly issued Preferred stock from Bank of America yielding right at 5%.

Kitchell Project Management painted the press box at the stadium, and upon completion of the work decided to make a $700 donation to the Foundation.

The Class of 1956 has decided to stop having gatherings or reunions and therefore they are donating the remaining funds in their bank account to the Foundation. We believe this should be around $500 but will wait for the final number from Lori.

Community/School Relations (Carolyn).  Carolyn was not present at this meeting but sent a very detailed email which was read. The Tailgater was a Big Success. Over $10,000 was raised/netted by the Foundation. Local Heroes was a great help in that they only charged $9 per person for the meals. A wrap-up debriefing has already occurred where recommendations and adjustments for next year were discussed.

Fund Development (Bob Haydon).  Bob and Wes are continuing to work on a video presentation that can be used with the area service clubs and other organizations. They are into the writing and narration phases, and are culling together many of the videos that Wes has been filming.

Governance (Kathy/Shana).  A question came up regarding when our next elections/Change of Officers will take place. The By-laws were consulted, and we affirmed that Officer changes take place every two (2) years. So – nothing we need to concern ourselves with too quickly.


**Not sure where these two items fit, but this seems to be a good spot:

The Foundation is out of Thank You Notes. The board voted unanimously to have Lori purchase 500 more in the current format from Dean Wood at Advantage Printing.

If anyone orders from Amazon (especially during the Holiday season) remember that you can go to and Amazon will donate 1/2% of your purchase amount to a charitable organization of your choice. Choose the Hillmen Foundation!


Unfinished Business.

*Little Green Light database renewal. Little Green Light charges $853 annually to use their product. Ralph Burge, who is still managing the database for the Foundation thinks we can do this differently now that the Spreadsheet with names/contacts is in place. The Board voted to cancel the Little Green Light service. We will not be renewing for next year.

*Website update. Bob Rogers is managing the website. He will be adding photos from the Tailgater to the site, and also adding Minutes as they are available.


New Business.

Grant Requests:

·        VAULT program field trip request and Rock Creek visitation request. The Board voted to donate $1000 for these two combined requests from the VAULT program.

·        English Dept novels request. The Board approved $121 for this request.

·        APES English field trip. The Board voted/recommended $1000 towards this request.

·        PHS baseball team new batting cage request. The Board recommends $2000 towards this “Athletics” request.

·        PHS marching band uniforms. The Board recommends $2000 for this request – which will come out of the “Activities” bucket.

The above $$ amounts are simply the E-Board’s recommended donation amounts which will be presented to the Full Board at the 11/21 meeting.


”Everyone Counts” documentary film. Some members of the Board viewed this film at a special screening. The Board voted not to use this as a fundraising event for the Foundation.


Next Full Board meeting: Thursday, November 21, 2019 at 4pm in the PHS Library.   The next Executive Board meeting is scheduled for February 6, 2020.

Submitted by David Odom, Recorder