Board Members Present: Bob Burge, Tom Johnson, Rick Lopez, Lori Heitz, Scott Strawhecker, Jeff Patton, Bob Rogers, and Dave Odom.

Absent: Kathy Sands, Bob Haydon, Ty Rowe, Shanna McDonald, and Carolyn Metzker.

Guests: none


Agenda, Minutes, Treasurer’s Report:

*The entire agenda was HILLFEST 2 related. The three items in this section were not discussed, and there were no other Committee reports.


Communications/Correspondence/Members of the Public:

*None – as mentioned above.


Grant Requests:

*None at this meeting.


Committee Reports:

*HILLFEST (Tom) September 23rd

Video: Tom has done some great work in terms of getting his “Hillmen alumni with Local Businesses” video up and running. He showed his clips of 5 Grads talking to the theme of “best of times, worst of times, always Great to be a Hillman” and it looks super. Rick will enlist a student to create some sort of intro for the video.


Advertising: Bob will get posters and 3x5 postcards printed to distribute, but the Board didn’t commit to $1300 for space in the Journal. We can still discuss that specific form of print advertising for the event. Bob has the banner for downtown set to be hung up the second half of August. Hopefully it can be hung on Billy Prior’s building at the clocktower throughout September. We also hope to spread the word through announcements at 3 home football games prior to Sept 23rd, and at Back to School Night.


Tickets: Lori has the site up and running. Look for “Hillfest 2017.” People should also be able to access all of the online ticket info through the Hillmen Foundation homepage. $30 per ticket.


Sponsorships: this area still needs work.


Set up/breakdown/cleanup and all extra and miscellaneous help: all of the Clubs and Teams and Organizations at PHS should be used for these purposes. Specifically, Leadership, Leo Club, Interact Club, and Key Club all need service hours and they should be enlisted to assist with this event. Hillfest 2 is definitely focused on students, and they should be involved in the work side also.


Rick will make the announcements at the first Teachers meetings to get commitments from teachers for class demonstrations, and also to get their clubs or teams involved in other ways.

Student Band for performance and closing: The Britt Haydon band has apparently disbanded (or maybe they just broke up like the Beatles) based on a couple members graduating and heading off to the big schools. We need suggestions of other student bands that could take on this role. Perhaps one that played Placerpalooza – someone at the school should have that list of performers.


Unfinished Business:

*Nothing discussed at this meeting.


New Business:

Nothing at this meeting.


Next Meeting: There will be another meeting focused solely on Hillfest on Thursday, August 3rd. We are not completely sure whether that meeting will be at the Bank or at Tom’s abode. Stay tuned for the final determination. Thanks for your flexibility.