MINUTES OF may 18, 2017


Board Members Present: Bob Burge, Tom Johnson, Carolyn Metzker, Rick Lopez, and Dave Odom.

Absent: Kathy Sands, Bob Haydon, Ty Rowe, Shanna McDonald, Lori Heitz, Bob Rogers, Scott Strawhecker, and Jeff Patton.

Guests: none


Agenda, Minutes, Treasurer’s Report:

*The Board did not have a quorum at this meeting so we could not approve any of the three items.


Communications/Correspondence/Members of the Public:

*Suzanna Gartdetto of Newcastle School sent some information about the school’s recent “Big Day of Science.” All of the 8th graders at Newcastle get exposure to local high school science programs/departments at this event.


Grant Requests:

*None at this meeting.


Committee Reports:

*HILLFEST (Tom) September 23rd

Tom said, “Thanks for the list” of PHS alumni that was cobbled together at last month’s meeting (thanks mostly to Shanna for getting that started). There was some discussion about the event itself, but that subject truly needs many completely separate meetings dealing only with HILLFEST  2 The first meeting specifically focused on Hillfest will be held Tuesday June 13th, at Tom Johnson’s address. Please be there people! This is a big deal and we need to finalize the Program, Budget, and a couple of other items asap!


Unfinished Business:

*The Big Day of Giving. The Hillmen Foundation received $2,060 in donations from the Day.

*Scholarship winners announced.  The 2017 winners of the $1000 Hillmen Foundation scholarships are: Ryman Crone and Lisa Vaughn. Emma Cummings is the recipient of the $500 Ruth Johnson Soroptimist scholarship.


New Business:

Nothing at this meeting.

Next Meeting: June 15th 2017, 4pm at Community1stBank, and there is a special Hillfest 2 meeting Tuesday June 13th at Tom Johnson’s house. Also 4pm.