Board Members Present: Bob Burge, Lori Heitz, Shana McDonald, Kathy Sands, Jeff Patton, Bob Rogers, and Dave Odom.

Absent: Carolyn Metzker, Bob Haydon, Scott Strawhecker, Rick Lopez, and Ty Rowe.

Guests: none at this meeting


Agenda, Minutes, Treasurer’s Report:

*The agenda for this meeting was moved, seconded, and approved. There were no Minutes from the two-person meeting in October to be approved. The Treasurer’s reports for both October and November were moved, seconded, and approved.

As a follow up to the Treasurer’s reports, Lori mentioned that a check was recently written for the Board’s D&O Insurance for 2018 in the amount of $1400. Also, the Foundation has been receiving donations in Jug’s memory. Lori said there were checks totaling approximately $1500 in the Foundation mailbox today. Thanks Jug!


Communications/Correspondence/Members of the Public:

*Shana has agreed to be the new Vice Chairman for the HF Board. She was nominated, and – of course – approved unanimously by the Board members present. Thank you Shana!


Grant Requests:

*None at this meeting.


Committee Reports:

*Investment Committee (David): The matured securities in the Foundation’s Ameriprise investment account will be reinvested in similar securities (Preferred stocks). Also, the donor of the $50,000 that is earmarked for the Earl Crabbe Gym and Landscaping project has given the okay to invest those funds as well.

*Chris Reams Honor Scholarship (Jeff): This is a new scholarship under the umbrella of the Hillmen Foundation. A $20,000 donation was made by Fred Barnham who credited Officer Chris Reams (Retired Auburn PD) with being a major influence on his life. Fred requests that a $2500 scholarship be given out each year for a period of eight years. Fred wants to be involved in the annual selection process. Jeff and Lori will be meeting with Fred soon to discuss further details.


Unfinished Business:

*None at this meeting


New Business:

*Board Restructuring (Bob and Shana): A Plan was approved to begin restructuring the Foundation Board. There are multiple parts to this entire idea, but essentially we are looking for interested and qualified people to serve on the Board. The Board could then be more specialized and directed with an Executive Board that could still meet monthly, whereas other members might simply serve on Committees and would only need to meet quarterly. All names of prospective Board members should be forwarded to Bob Burge so he can contact those people and set up an introductory meeting of some type.

*Honoring Jug and Tom. Bob led a discussion focusing on the question of how to honor both Tom Johnson and Jug Covich for their years of service and dedication to the Hillmen Foundation. Tom was voted in as an Emeritus Member of the Board. Also, the Board created a 3rd annual scholarship. This specific scholarship will be in the amount of $2000 (double the amount of the two existing Foundation scholarships), and shall be called the “Covich/Johnson Founders Scholarship presented by the Hillmen Foundation.” So, the Foundation will now be giving out $4000 in scholarships each year: two @ $1000 apiece, and the new Founders Scholarship @ $2000.


Next Meeting: Tentatively scheduled for March 15, 2018 @ 4pm at Community 1st Bank.