Donations for Fiscal Year 7/1/14 through 4/15/15

 Date   Payee  Description Amount 
8/27/2014 Boy Scout Troop Eagle Scout Project/Ryan Mayberry $1,000 
 8/27/2014PHS/PAC Green and Gold Fun Run Proceeds $3,780.00 
 10/13/2014Tony Camilucci Pizza for Autistic Program $45.00 
 10/13/2014PHS Hillfest Winner - Cross  Country $1,000
 3/17/2015 PHS    Athletic Hall of Fame $2,700.00 
 Note: Approval to pay for new welding machine and DNA supplies will be given after the All Class Reunion.  

Scholarships for Fiscal Year 7/1/14 through 4/15/15

 3-July Sam Malicoat Alonzo Hazen $1,000
 11-August Andrew Carducci Hillmen Foundation - Boy $1,000
 11-August Jennifer Fisk Hillmen Foundation - Girl $1,000
 7-September Portia Lewis Bill Francis $500
 29-October Abigayle Bryant McCann/Bale $500

The Hillman Foundation operates an on-going budget derived from memberships in the foundation, gifts, and grants from former alumni and friends. All of its financial activities are subject to board approval and are accurately reported on a monthly basis by the Foundation's  CFO, Lori Heitz. Below is a record of the foundation's expenditures from 1996 to the recent past.


A Note to All Hillmen

Please Note: A company on the Internet called has been soliciting Placer Alumni for $20 membership fees. This company is not affiliated in any way with Placer High School, The Hillmen Foundation, or any Placer Class Reunion or Placer Organization whatsoever. We suggest that you not respond to their emails or correspond with this company.