The Hillmen Foundation issues grants in the areas of Academics, Athletics, and Student Activities. Some recent grants are listed below.
$3,200 for new computers for the computer lab.
$3,125 for two new welding machines for Metal Shop.
$3000 for  DNA labs in biology cl
$1500 for new iMacs in photography
$2500 for 3-D printers in the Mechatronics class
                                                        $4000 for a Vibrophone for the PHS Band
                                                                and music department
$24,000 for a new scoreboard at LeFebvre Stadium.
  $1000 for Press Box Repairs at LeFebvre Stadium.
  $1000 for General Athletics.
  $15,000 for new Lefebvre Stadium Lights.
Student Activities
  $1000 for "Breaking Down the Walls" assembly.

  $750 for Sober Grad Night


Recent Requests

 At the April 9, 2015 Board Meeting, two requests for grants were made by Placer Teachers:

1) Ag-Welding teacher Joe Rosa requested funding to help purchase up to six dialarc welders (approximately $1700 each) and 

2) Thomas Schroeder and Dan Galloway requested funding to continue the use of DNA materials for a current science unit (approximately $2200).

All teachers gave excellent video presentations and answered all questions of board members. Their requests will be voted on by the board through email responses.