How to Improve Social Skills

Despite many commonly held myths, the Hidden Aspie is often intelligent and extremely articulate with a high level of vocabulary and formal speech patterns. Current research suggests that 5% of people working in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) companies are on the autistic spectrum. Most are unrecognised and often are misunderstood.

Undiagnosed Aspies often fail to understand why they have problems with social interaction and relationships.This is why it is important to recognise the condition and take positive steps to manage these traits and leverage hidden traits. This section will help to improve social conversation. Autism Talk TV has some interesting videos on YouTube.

This is an ongoing project, so if you would like to be kept informed when we add more tips or you have suggestions not covered, then contact Val or send her an email. 

Social Groups

There are social groups set up with Aspies in mind to help you develop those important social skills, as well as practicing them at local events. If you have such a group, or are holding such an event, then please contact us and we will add it below. If this becomes popular enough, we may set up an events calendar and newsletter.